Green Birding

05 Mar 2019 03:57 #1554 by Gary Prescott
Green Birding was created by Gary Prescott
Hello Birders. A new Facebook group page called -

Green Birding - The 50 50 Megastars project UK 2019

is looking for new members. The aim is to share Green Birding experiences. Memnerd hopefully will choose to collate data and place such on Birdtrack and eBird, as well as liston site, Bubo, Surfbirds and the like.

Description - Can you see FIFTY bird species whilst Green Birding, that is birding without using fossil fuel for transport? You may be a birder that walks, cycles, packrafts, kayaks or does a combination of all these things. If so please share who you are, your experiences, your lists and findings, your location, your maps, your photographs and most of all your thoughts and ideas and let's share the adventure together. Can we find FIFTY birders birding FIFTY places, seeing FIFTY birds by the end of the year?

Please join us.

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