Missing species on Nevada State List

31 Aug 2019 22:25 #1598 by Dennis Serdehely
I am a birder from Nevada and have just completed entering species for my state list. I noticed that 9 species that I have seen in the state are not listed. They are: American Wigeon, Redhead, Wild Turkey, Ridgeway's Rail, Common Gallinule, Crested Caracara, Pacific Wren, Bell's Sparrow and Sagebrush Sparrow. I was wondering when these could be added to the list so that I can complete my entries?

I also noticed that quite a few species are listed as rare when in fact they are quite common in parts of the state. These seem to be mainly birds that occur in the southern (Mojave Desert) portion of the state.

Fernley, NV

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01 Sep 2019 02:33 #1599 by Mike Prince
Hi Dennis

Thanks, I've added all these species.

Regarding the rare statuses, we haven't updated these since we first implemented a version of the Nevada checklist several years ago. I can give you access to directly edit them yourself if you'd like to go through and update them?

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