Clements World List - Tristan Moorhen Error

15 Nov 2019 21:39 #1638 by Steve Smith
Hi Bubo guys,
I've just updated my Clements World List to 2019 taxonomy. This has thrown up an anomaly. When I export the list to Excel it is showing
1071 Tristan Moorhen Gallinula nesiotis
1072 Gough Moorhen Gallinula comeri

It looks like I had originally ticked Tristan Moorhen based upon my visit to Tristan da Cuhna in 2018. This has now been split to Tristan & Gough Moorhen, with the Tristan species now being declared as extinct & Gough Moorhen introduced to Tristan da Cuhna. You correctly don't show Tristan Moorhen, but it must be in your database against my World List. Searching for it using Bulk Entry failed to find it (English or Latin names).

Can you have a look into this pls as my Clements World List total is erroneously showing one more species than I've seen.

Steve Smith (Langtonbirder)

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18 Nov 2019 08:23 #1639 by Mike Prince
Hi Steve

Sorry about that. You are right about what must have happened: you did have the extinct species on your list (not sure how we managed to do that!) so I've removed it and the list should be correct now.

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18 Nov 2019 12:42 - 18 Nov 2019 12:43 #1640 by Steve Smith
Hi Mike
Many thanks for correcting this. Clements split Tristan Moorhen this year & also changed the latin name for Gough Moorhen which is the surviving species & now introduced to Tristan da Cunha. With no public landings on Gough, there will be very few birders who have seen Gough Moorhen in its natural range
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