The British List, the Isle Of Man and BBRC

29 Jan 2020 21:42 - 30 Jan 2020 22:19 #1 by Ian Foster
A question regarding the Isle Of man and the BBRC stats...

Back in Nov 1999 a Mourning Dove was found on the Outer Hebrides and twitched by those quick off the mark. When the 1999 BBRC report was published it was stated as being "the second record for Britain" and "occurring ten years after the first, which was trapped on the Calf Of Man".

I understand that the Isle Of Man is not Britain and birds seen there should not be counted on your British list (something some birders have difficulty in accepting)!

So why was the 1999 Mourning Dove the second for Britain and not the First? I presume the Calf Of Man is not treat differently? The Stats also shown in the 1999 report clearly have this as the second record...Do the BBRC adjudicate records from the Isle Of Man and include them in the stats or am I missing something?

When the next Mourning Dove appeared in 2007 again on the Outer Hebrides this was published in the BBRC report for 2007 as the third record in the stats, yet in the text states "he discovered Britain's second little more than 3 km from the scene of the first"...

The same applies to the famous Hartlepool, White-throated Robin in June 2011. The stats show it as the third record for Britain and like Mourning Dove the first record was also on the Calf Of Man in June 1983!

I'd like to hear other peoples opinions on this subject and please correct me if I am wrong regarding any of this.



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31 Jan 2020 18:59 #2 by Paul Chapman

Your answer lies in the comments under Magnificent Frigatebird in various reports.

BB Vol.93 No.11 pages 516-517 - Isle of Man Magnificent Frigatebird added to the stats and accepted.

BB Vol.96 No.11 page 550 - Tiree Frigatebird reconsidered and Magnificent Frigatebird removed from British list but stats include Isle of Man record and confirmation that Isle of Man records included in BBRC stats despite not being on the British list.

So Isle of Man records considered, published and included in stats but not part of British/BOU list.

All the best


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01 Feb 2020 21:12 - 01 Feb 2020 22:44 #3 by Ian Foster
Thank you for the reply Paul, you are of course correct and I really should have known that! I need to pay more attention...

I do find it odd though that records from the Isle Of Man are still included in the stats. Fair enough use BBRC to consider records from there if need be but to then add it to the stats but not the list seems a little dis-jointed to me. This is maybe why some listers still incorrectly include birds from there (Calandra Lark, Steppe Shrike before it was lumped etc) on a British BOU list?

Fast forward to October 2020 and the Western Pals first Worm-eating Warbler does a ten day stay on the Isle Of Man, it will be mass twitched and will appear as (0, 0, 1) in the BBRC report yet nobody will be able to add it to their Britain only BOU list (although we know lots will of course, obviously not on Bubo but elsewhere...).

Again thanks for the reply.



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