Fea's Type Petre;

26 Oct 2020 08:10 #1817 by Malcolm Roxby
I see Zino's Petrel has been added to the Britain, Ireland and IOM list. As Desertas/Fea's petrel is accepted as such by BBRC (lots of accepted records) is there not an argument to add that species pair to the list. Just a thought. Thanks

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26 Oct 2020 08:29 #1818 by Andy Musgrove
Replied by Andy Musgrove on topic Fea's Type Petre;
Hi Malcolm

The recent putative Zino's was identified to species level, albeit it remains to be accepted by the various committees. As far as I'm aware (and I may well be wrong), no birds have yet been recorded in Britain that have differentiated between Fea's and Desertas. We don't include species pairs towards list totals, and so it would be inconsistent to add this, despite it being somewhat galling for those who've seen one (myself included!)



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