Fea's Type Petrel 06 10 22

08 Oct 2022 20:55 #1951 by Mark Leitch
If possible, could some one answer a simple question for me please?
I was a part of the small group on the Scilly Pelagic on the 6th Oct 22. when a 'Fea's' type Petrel was seen and photographed.
Where can I record it (if I can) as a sighting and under what name? I have tried to read up on its status but seem to come across mixed opinions.ย 
Does anyone know or have a report on why it doesn't appear on the UK list please.

Thanks in advance

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08 Oct 2022 21:01 #1952 by Andy Musgrove
Hi Mark

"Fea's-type" Petrel tends to mean it wasn't seen well enough to determine between Fea's, Desertas and Zino's Petrel. BUBO Listing only deals in full species, hence we don't include it here. I think you'd be able to add it as a record of the species-aggregate on BirdTrack, eBird or other such recording systems.

Zino's is on the British list on the basis of one well-seen individual. Fea's used to be, until Desertas was split off as a different species, and these two have not yet satisfactorily been separated in British waters. Hence neither are officially on the list.


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08 Oct 2022 22:29 #1953 by Mark Leitch
Thanks for the speedy response.
What ever the outcome, โ€˜itโ€™s on my listโ€™ ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

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