Updating bubo with i Phone.

17 Aug 2009 02:49 #222 by Vince Halley-Frame
Hi Mike/Andy,
whilst birding my local patch i found a Dunlin which was a yeartick. I decided to try and update my patchlist with my newly acquired i phone,just to see if it was possible.I managed to get Dunlin in the species box but could not access the drop down date, or add the species without the date.
Is there a technical reason why i can't do it ?,
Vince. :)

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19 Aug 2009 13:34 #223 by Mike Prince
Hi Vince

We've never done anything in particular to make BUBO Listing work on mobile browsers and there are a number of features we use to make the data entry as easy as possible on a full screen browser that are inconsistently supported on different mobile browsers. For example I got a different result on my phone, which runs the Opera Mini browser, when I just tried doing what you did. I succeeded in entering the drop down date (and all other fields) but the record couldn't be saved.

To develop a mobile-friendly version of BUBO Listing would take a considerable amount of effort (e.g. making the layout suitable for a small screen, making sure the data entry works across all popular mobile browsers whilst still being as fast and user-friendly as the full version, and making the application less data-intensive to keep data usage and therefore mobile bills down). Whilst this would be nice, I think we are better off spending the time developing some new features for the full site.

If anyone thinks it would be a great aid to have a mobile version of BUBO Listing then some money sent our way might help prioritise ;)

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