Scottish Crossbill

28 Sep 2009 16:02 #236 by Johnny Allan
Scottish Crossbill was created by Johnny Allan
Hi there,

it looks like Scottish Crossbill may be coming off the British List as a species soon. Am I correct in thinking that Parrot Crossbill could also be lumped with Scottish and Common Crossbill ?

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02 Oct 2009 06:55 #240 by Andy Musgrove
Replied by Andy Musgrove on topic Re:Scottish Crossbill
I think we're some way off the BOU making such a decision (although UK400 does lump Scottish with Parrot). It really all comes down to how you define a species; what level of importance you attach to different vocal groups, etc. If you read The Sound Approach book, you're left considering that we've either got 1 species, or about 8, or somewhere in between. It would certainly make life easier if they'd lump the lot, but I suspect we'll be stuck trying to tell Scottish from Parrots from "Common-types" for a few years to come yet.


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