Merge region life lists into world life list?

02 Feb 2013 22:50 #905 by Hendrik Reers
Hi there,
After joining BUBO listing only two days ago and exploring its functions, I'm wondering whether there is the possibility to merge several country or region life lists into a world life list. I'm aware of the problem that different regions/countries have different taxonomies, but there is probably a way to automatically account for that.
Alternatively, is it possible to import region lists into ones world list? I found the function to copy one list into another when creating a new list, but haven't figured out if that is possible after the world list is already created.
Thanks and happy listing!

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03 Feb 2013 02:12 #906 by Mike Prince
Hi Hendrik

Welcome to BUBO Listing. Unfortunately it isn't possible to merge lists in the way you suggest. It is the most requested change but is pretty complicated to do and, coupled with lack of development time these days, we haven't been able to get far with it. It will be the next change we introduce, but I can't promise any timeline I'm afraid :unsure:

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