Azores checklist

02 Jan 2020 14:13 #1675 by Paul French
Azores checklist was created by Paul French
Hi Mike

At the moment, the only taxonomy available for an Azores checklist is the ABC one, which as we discovered a while ago doesn't really cut the mustard for that area. Would it be possible to add in the option of using the Western Pal IOC taxonomy please? You might get a few more WP listers using it then, as several are keen on their Azores list.



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03 Jan 2020 07:35 #1676 by Mike Prince
Replied by Mike Prince on topic Azores checklist
Sure: IOC Azores list
I haven't double-checked this so undoubtedly there are a few species missing, and a few spurious ones probably crept in. I'd be grateful if you could have a look and let me know of any errors.

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