What's that bird?

07 Jul 2009 16:18 #201 by Alan Watt
What's that bird? was created by Alan Watt
Didn't know which discussion group to attach this to I'm afraid... you'll see why in a mo.

I've got a picture of a couple of wee birds on bamboo/reeds (see attachment) that I want to get tattooed on my back - I know!!! But as an avid birder I don't want to get pretend birds on there cos it'll just irritate me for the rest of my life. I've looked & looked over the last few months & can't find out what they are. The closest I can find is Bearded Tit but even that isn't really close :o(

Any ideas anyone?

... Alan =8^) [img size=364]media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/000___1639332_3_black_bamboo.jpg

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07 Jul 2009 18:54 #202 by Andy Musgrove
Replied by Andy Musgrove on topic What's that bird?
Hi Alan

>Any ideas anyone?

Hmmm, can't say I'd have this tattooed on my back, but it's a free country I suppose! (Maybe I'd go for a Pacific Swift?!)

I've had a suggestion of Silver-eared Mesia from a colleague. Looks possible, if you accept that the artist hasn't made an effort to get them exactly right! For example, the crown should be black. Type it into Google/images to see some examples.

Perhaps we should allow tattoo lists on BUBO?


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07 Jul 2009 19:28 #203 by Alan Watt
Replied by Alan Watt on topic What's that bird?

Thanks for that - it does look similar. I know tattoos aren't everyone's cup of tea but we all rebel in some way don't we? ;)

The tattoo won't be exactly like the picture but I need to give the artist something to work towards and I like the colours of these birds. It may be that I go for Bearded Tits in the end - seen them but not likely to see Silver-eared Mesia for a while yet!


... Alan =8^)

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11 Jul 2009 13:14 #206 by Mike Prince
Replied by Mike Prince on topic What's that bird?
It's definitely got a Chinese style so Silver-eared Mesia, and the bamboo, does fit. It is tricky identifying birds from Chinese art!

I bet Swallow is the commonest bird on a tattoo list!

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20 Jul 2009 18:16 #209 by Derek Moore
Replied by Derek Moore on topic What's that bird?
What an extraordinary discussion - I once saw an American birder at Cape May with a Peregrine on one and a Bald Eagle on the second of his very enormous calf muscles.


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