Expanding worldwide coverage

25 Nov 2008 18:08 #1 by Mike Prince
A number of listers have requested that we support additional countries that currently do not have lists on BUBO Listing. It is our aim to expand worldwide but we do insist on using an 'authoritative' base list for each region, that is regularly updateed, rather than using lists that are not as rigorous and accurate and frequently outdated. When we have identified a suitable base list it can take some time to get this into a format for entering into the BUBO Listing database, and in a number of instances we have to get permission first from the 'authority' to use it.

We would be very grateful if anyone can help in this regard. If you know of suitable authorities that produce a base list for areas we haven't yet covered (typically the country ornithological society) then please let us know. If you can get a copy of this list, ideally in Excel format, then even better!

For regions that we have not fully covered yet, the authorities we are looking to use are: For individual countries within these we will look to use a country-specific authority or a cut-down version of the regional list as appropriate.

Comments and preferably help much appreciated!

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