What is BUBO?

23 Jun 2010 14:38 - 23 Jun 2010 14:42 #403 by Mike Prince
What is BUBO? was created by Mike Prince
BUBO is a small group of birders who were at Bristol University in the early 1990s; BUBO stood for Bristol University Birding Organisation (although we were seldom very organised). Connections with Bristol are now limited, but the name stuck.

BUBO Listing is a new and fun approach to recording bird lists, enabling users to share and compare lists for anywhere in the world with other listers. Read more on our "About" page . It has largely been created by two BUBO members:
  • Mike Prince , whose British Listing has stagnated somewhat now that he lives in Bangalore, India (although he did add Red-flanked Bluetail and Whiskered Tern on his last visit back)
  • Andy Musgrove , who works for the BTO and lives in Norfolk where he has pounded various sites for years without finding anything good until he struck lucky with the Pacific Swift in October 2006. Note that BUBO Listing is in no way connected to the BTO.
Also credit must go to an additional BUBO member, Mark Lawlor , for the design of the BUBO logos and various other odd jobs we get him to do from time to time. Mark also struggles to make any impact on his British List due to a permanent move abroad to the distant land of Guernsey , where he is the bird recorder.
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