I'd like to add a list for country X but it does not exist

23 Jun 2010 15:34 #411 by Mike Prince
We try to ensure that all the base lists we use within BUBO Listing are those of an official authority that updates its list regularly. There are many sites on the internet that provide country and regional checklists but virtually all that we have seen suffer from at least one of the following problems:
  • Dubious species are included with no information about the source of the information
  • There is no status information, so you receive a long list of species of which a large proportion are vagrants. The list is not therefore very useful for travel planning purposes for example
  • Species names used are often ones that are considered globally "universal", but are not the ones that birders in the area typically use
  • The list is rarely, if ever, updated. Newly recorded species are not included and taxonomy is often confusing
Our insistence on "official" lists as the base means that only authenticated records are included, and our lists can be kept up to date as and when they are officially updated. This also means that BUBO Listing is ideal for birders anywhere in the world, and whatever their level of experience. With most other online listing services you are forced to use a single authority for lists regardless of location. Whilst the Clements world list might be acceptable for US-based listers making occasional forays worldwide, birders based in Asia for example typically consider it outdated taxonomically for their local areas and would not be happy to use it for the bulk of their lists.

We are gradually working our way to getting full worldwide coverage with our base lists. It is quite time-consuming to get lists into a format we can import into BUBO Listing, and we are generally working through our backlog according to the ones that listers have most requested. If you want a list available for a country that is not there yet, then you can help speed up the process if you can determine if and where an official authority list exists, and ideally obtain the list in Excel format. If you'd like to help us with the production of any particular lists then please contact us .

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