200 still a lot of catching up to do

07 Nov 2008 07:13 - 05 Nov 2010 06:17 #3 by Phil Bull
Self found water pipit at Minsmere takes me clear of 200 (203, but, shamefully :blush: , there are 3 I'd like to see again, to be 100% certain of and I'm not saying which!!)

I'll say now !

I've since had several rock solid views of Stone Curlew and Short Eared Owl :woohoo: , still need a decent look at a Woodlark, and now I need really good views of Sabine's, Bluethroat & Red-Flanked Bluetail so I've now got 4 :huh: : borderline records (though I have absolutely seen the birds).

So now 237 British, 244 overall hoping to hit 250 british next year (at least Western Pal) & a trip to Japan makes 300 quite possible, even for a dabbler like me.
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