New OBC species and splits

01 Oct 2010 01:46 - 29 Oct 2019 17:14 #1 by Mike Prince
We have made some updates to the OBC Checklist to adopt some of the proposed changes that have already been implemented on OBI .

The following new species have been added:
  • Nonggang Babbler Stachyris nonggangensis
  • Bukidnon Woodcock Scolopax bukidnonensis
  • Bare-faced Bulbul Pycnonotus hualon
Note that Limestone Leaf-warbler Phylloscopus calciatilis[/url] had been added previously.

The following splits have been added:
  • Bornean Swiftlet Collocalia dodgei - split from Cave Swiftlet Collocalia linchi
  • Sumatran Babbler Pellorneum buettikoferi - split from Buff-breasted Babbler P. tickelli
  • Streak-throated Fulvetta Alcippe cinereiceps - split into Grey-hooded Fulvetta A. cinereiceps, Streak-throated Fulvetta (Manipur Fulvetta) A. manipurensis and Taiwan Fulvetta A. formosana
  • Indochinese Fulvetta Alcippe danisi - split from Spectacled Fulvetta A. ruficapilla
  • Black-browed Fulvetta Alcippe grotei - split from Mountain Fulvetta A. peracensis
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