Out with the old and in with the new...

02 Jan 2010 05:45 #347 by Andy Musgrove
Well, another year over and a new one begins. Congratulations to the indefatigable Craig family for their amazing family occupancy of the top spots of the 2009 BUBO Listing British Year Lists. An extraordinary achievement, and we understand that Mya-Rose will be appearing on TV in just a few weeks, promoting the joys of BUBO Listing!

And off we go again for 2010. At the time of writing we already have over 60 year-listers in the new year challenge. And this is just for British year-lists; don't forget you can add year-lists for counties, sites (including self-defined sites), other countries, world, self-found, green lists, photographic lists, etc etc. We've got lots of ideas of new features to include if we ever find the time.

Happy New Year - let's hope it's a good one. A relocation of the putative Essex Pied Harrier would be a satisfactoy start...



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