Stejneger's / White-winged Scoter in Ireland

12 Mar 2011 05:18 - 12 Mar 2011 05:21 #641 by Andy Musgrove
A drake "Velvet" Scoter in Co Kerry, Ireland, has been identified as belonging to the taxon stejnegeri, which breeds in eastern Siberia. This bird, which was apparently also present during winter 2009/10, represents the first record of this taxon for Ireland (it has also never been recorded in Britain).

Most authorities initially treated Velvet Scoter as a single species with three races: fusca, deglandi and stejnegeri. More recently, many (including AERC and BOURC , whose decisions are generally followed by the Irish Rare Birds Committee ) have recognised two species: Velvet Scoter (fusca) and White-winged Scoter (deglandi, with races deglandi and stejnegeri). Furthermore, others recognise all three taxa as distinct species. The following changes have thus been made for the purposes of BUBO Listing:

Irish List - addition of White-winged Scoter
British & Irish List - addition of White-winged Scoter
Birdwatch List - addition of White-winged Scoter
UK400 list - addition of Stejneger's Scoter

These are "pending" additions, made in advance of official recognition by authorities. If it turns out that the record is not accepted by any of these authorities, the species will be removed from those lists.
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