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12 Nov 2008 05:11 #19 by Simon Taylor
Coto Donana was created by Simon Taylor
Next year i'm hoping to go birding abroad for the first time ever. I'm looking at going to the above reserve and will be flying from Bristol to Malaga then hire car down. I'm not going for anything specific but would like to see a good cross section of birds - raptors, waterbirds, passerines etc. I'm particularly intrested in species like Spanish imperial eagle, the storks, flamingo, scrub robin and other stuff you dont really get in the uk. Can any-one recomend in which area would be best to stay and even better - a good B&B

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12 Nov 2008 06:12 - 12 Nov 2008 11:36 #20 by Andy Musgrove
Replied by Andy Musgrove on topic Re: Coto Donana
Hi Simon - an excellent choice for a first trip abroad. Which month are you going? I flew a couple of years ago from Liverpool to Seville, which is even closer (at the Spanish end).

It's a big area and you'd do best trying to get hold of at least one birding guide book, such as
Birdwatching on Spain's southern coast (Butler)
Where to Watch Birds in Southern and Western Spain (Garcia & Paterson)
Where to watch birds in Donana (Chiclana and Garzón)

(Don't forget, if you get these via the BUBO Store we get a small commission which helps pay our costs.)

Be aware that a lot of the reserve cannot be accessed, but there are plenty of exciting areas that can. We (me, wife, two kids) actually took camping gear and camped at El Rocio on the west side of the park. Only stayed in the area for a couple of days (then went touring more widely around Iberia) but managed many of the specialities, although my only Crested Coot was a neck-collared bird - darn! Didn't get SIEagle here either, and dipped the bushchat, but had a super PT Sandgrouse, lots of AzMag, heard RN Nightjar, several Purple Swamphens, WH Duck, W Olivaceous Warbler, Ibe Chiff and lots of the commoner Mediterranean fare.

Have a great time

Andy Mus.
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12 Nov 2008 06:24 #21 by Simon Taylor
Replied by Simon Taylor on topic Re: Coto Donana
Thanks Andy - i'd like to fly to Seville, as you say it's closer. Unfortunatly on the flying front i live in Cornwall therefore Bristol is my nearest big airport and they dont fly to Seville. I am looking at going in October for migration and will probably do a couple of guided days as well as finding my own birds. I wont be doing the Tour buses though as it appears they dont seem to stop to acquire good views. One thing i've noticed though - Whatever the accomadation is, El Rocio is the name that keeps coming up in my research. I'll check out bubo store for those books.

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18 Nov 2008 04:39 #35 by Derek Moore
Replied by Derek Moore on topic Re: Coto Donana
You cannot beat the hotel at El Rocio for instant birds. The long rough drive out to the Valverde centre is also essential for views of specialities like Red-knobbed Coot and Marbled Duck.

Do also stay a while in St Lucar on the eastern side of the river and bird north of the town. This can be very productive with close views of many species especially White-headed Duck.

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29 Nov 2008 02:49 #54 by Tom Jordan
Replied by Tom Jordan on topic Re: Coto Donana
I'd reccommend a trip with Discovering Donana into the centre of the park.

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