Creation of a "Non-authority" UK list with no rankings

20 Dec 2013 15:18 #1143 by Nick Moss
This really follows on from the reasons given for the House Finch rejection. I accept many agree with the removal, but the reasons given are wholly unacceptable in my opinion.

I have always wanted to maintain my own UK list without being accused of cheating, simply so I could list every type of bird I have seen here in the UK that is living wild. outside of the Cat A. B. C definitions etc.

A lot of people do indeed maintain ones own list.

People may say UK400 is that list, but it does not include all birds seen which include those reduced to Cat E etc. I do like the UK400 way of being able to list sub-species (eg with different geese - Taiga and Tundra Bean Geese).

This list would simply enable one to record all the birds one feels are wild birds, without people getting techy about what one includes because there would be no Rankings in this case (if that feature could be switched off) . It would simply be a place to record all your sightings.

In this list I would be able to list the House Finch, Falcated Duck, Marbled Duck, White-headed Duck, The Lancs Eagle Owls etc, without people needing to snipe about the additions. Although the list would inevitably be bigger, its really not about size at all.

Would this be feasable?

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20 Dec 2013 23:14 #1144 by Mike Prince
Hi Nick

Whilst I can understand you wanting to do this, our lists all rely on a base authority. In this case you effectively want an authority plus a few other species - which might not be the same for you as for other listers. The maintenance of this would be a pain, particularly if it wasn't just restricted to Britain. Maybe you could create a World list using Clements or IOC as you prefer, and only record these species on it? If this seems workable we could introduce another list type (something generic like "other") so that you could still record a regular World list as well.

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21 Dec 2013 14:56 #1146 by Nick Moss
I appreciate the difficullty and departure from standard thinking, I suppose I would just like a list containing Cat A - E a bit like the Birdwatching logbooks enable you to do.

Maybe even add the birds onto the existing BOU list but seperately so they do not count in Rankings totals.

Potentially a chore, I appreciate.

At least it would enable records to be highlighted where birds in Cat D (White headed duck, falcated duck, Marbled duck etc) have been seen.

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