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04 Oct 2022 08:44 #1949 by Dave Pearson

Would it be possible to include the information, given by the R and i against each species name, in the downloaded spreadsheets?

Also, is there a key anywhere where the codes, used in this information, can be explained? I can guess the obvious ones, such as EU, NA etc but am struggling with some of the others.

Many thanks,


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04 Oct 2022 09:18 #1950 by Mike Prince
The species notes are usually taken directly from the authority in question, and the distribution codes you refer to are typically from the relevant world authority, i.e.  IOC  or  eBird/Clements . It's best to follow the links there to the actual authority websites for how these codes are defined.
I'll have a look at incorporating this in download files. Certainly, I can see the use for the rarity flag to be included, for anyone who wants to do any analysis of their own lists offline. 

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