Insert of "commencement" date of lists

27 Nov 2008 04:23 #47 by John S. Armitage
Hi Andy/Mike.
Would it be possible, or desirable, to insert the commencement date of a list somewhere ( against a contributors name perhaps? ). My reason for asking is this. I'm now retired and, several years ago, lost all my records so that my annual list commences in 2008, when I submit details finally my world list will commence in 1997 and, I've decided, my UK life list will commence in 2008. As things progress and we get new listers whose efforts commence in , say, three or four years time, to register when they actually started might be an incentive set against the "old boys, and girls" who've been at it for several years. As Bubo advances this may be a more relevant aspect than at present. There's always the cahnce of my having missed a facility on this tremendous site...apologies.

Ok, folks, yes , as a "restart" I suppose I could be a bit of an apologist and making it easier on myself.....

Regards to all,
John Armitage.

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27 Nov 2008 04:55 #50 by Andy Musgrove
It's not possible currently, but it is certainly feasible that we could introduce such a thing. We had wondered about allowing comments pertaining to a list as a whole (as opposed to comments for a given species). This would enable someone to put (for example) "Have also seen Hooded Merganser and Falcated Duck but I've not counted these" or "My best birds to date have been xxx and yyy, but I'm still waiting for a zzz", or indeed "I restarted my list in 2008".

What do other people think?


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03 Dec 2008 01:20 #58 by Mike Prince
Replied by Mike Prince on topic Re: Insert of
Hi John

We do now have the facility to enter comments for a list, and hopefully this is the answer to your query. Read more at

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