transfer of 2008 list

27 Nov 2008 04:26 #48 by John S. Armitage
Hi Andy/Mike,
Yet another one for you!! Is it possible to simply transfer ones 2008 annual list over to being ones UK list as from 1st january, 2009 and clear the 2008 entries?

John Armitage.

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27 Nov 2008 04:49 #49 by Andy Musgrove
Hi John

Yes, you can do this, if I understand you correctly. On 'create new list' you can make a British life list by copying your 2008 year list. When you try to do this, you'll get prompted as to whether you wish to copy across all info (including dates and locations) or just the species; by the sounds of it, you wish to choose the latter? Is that what you meant? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you!



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