1000th BUBO Lister!!!

30 Jun 2009 01:35 #1 by Andy Musgrove
Welcome on board to Glenn Mahler, who becomes the 1000th person to add a list to BUBO Listing! It's only two and a half years since Mike and I set up the site, and I think it's fair to say that we have been gratified and indeed somewhat amazed by the number of birders that have been attracted to the site. Initially, we set the site up simply because we were surprised that no-one else had done so, and passed the word around a number of friends. To think that 1000 people have now used the site is really fantastic.

Of course, BUBO Listing is intended to be just a bit of fun, albeit we try to make sure that it operates effectively and reliably. Please do remember that you can go that further step and contribute to more structured (and far more useful and valuable) bird recording initiatives such as, in the UK, BirdTrack . Even better, why not consider taking part in a more structured survey, such as the current BTO/SOC/BWI Bird Atlas 2007-11 project, or similar surveys in your own country.

However you enjoy your birding, though, please do keep enjoying it with BUBO Listing, and please tell your friends about us and help us get to 2000 listers!

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