normal 438 listers have NOT amalgamated Steppe Grey Shrike into GGS yet?

3 months 1 week ago #1569 by Nick Moss
Including moi (:-

But should this be mandatory?

Or am I missing something? Has it not been lumped into the Great Grey Shrike complex as a sub-species?

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3 months 6 days ago #1570 by Mike Prince
Assuming you mean on BOU lists? The BOURC have not yet published taxonomic changes arising from the IOC January 2019 updates, and hence still treat Steppe Grey Shrike as a full species on the .

Whilst we pre-empt changes to lists for new species occurrences, removing them later if not accepted, we have always waited for official confirmation of taxonomic changes. Since the BOURC do now follow IOC in taxonomic matters we could adopt any IOC changes for the British list as soon as IOC publish them instead of waiting for the BOURC's typically annual update. What do people think about this?

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3 months 6 days ago #1571 by Nick Moss
Thanks for explaining the rational to me Mike, I understand now.

Not sure what others think, it's a difficult one, I'm surprised BOURC have not announced this lumping yet, we are 5 months on, but surely inevitable soon.

My post wasn't intended to be critical of BUBO BTW, its quite superb and fulfils my listing objectives perfectly - so thank you.

Anyway, I don't have strong views either way on this, may as well wait til BOURC officially announce it.

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