normal Who is Britain's top twitcher?

6 years 5 days ago #919 by Steve Webb
I have decided to go into semi-retirement regarding my Britain/Ireland life list in favour of world birding.

In the last few years I have given up full time employment and now spend 2 - 3 months per year abroad. Also some of the places that I want to go demand a time (e.g. China in May) when I should be in the UK if I was going to continue doing a British/Irish list.

The last new bird I saw was the White throated Robin which is nearly 2 years ago. Who knows when I will see a new bird. The birds in the last 2 years that I needed were not twitchable even if I spent all my time here!!!

I have enjoyed my time doing my British and Irish listing but I am now off to enjoy world birding. By the way I do not know how big my world list is.

However saying the above I will twitch if I am around.

:) :) :)

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6 years 3 days ago #921 by Nick Moss
I am sorry but this concept of top birder is simply ludicrous. As was said earlier in the thread, it mainly boils down to who has most money and time to go and see birds at far flung places. That is not in anyway a criticism, but the notion that it brings status with it is frankly laughable.

Enjoy what you enjoy doing, we all like keeping our lists, and most of all we enjoy watching birds, especially new ones. But how on earth can you measure or determine who is a top birder? It may be co-incidentally true that those with high lists are indeed also among the best birders, but at the same time there is not an automatic correlation.

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6 years 3 days ago #922 by Ian Foster
I thought the title of the thread was "Who is britain's top Twitcher"? not who is Britains top Birder? Not that it matters, i dont think anybody thinks having a big list makes you a "Top Birder" anyway but a lot of Birders are interested in who has seen more birds in Britain than anyone else, especially on a listing site like this.


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6 years 3 days ago #923 by Jeremy Hurley
My sentiments also Ian. With all due respect to Steve, he was merely posing the question, "Who is Britain's top twitcher?" - not birder.

There has been much written and discussed about the various approaches and styles to this wonderful subject matter of ornithology, that we have all come to love. Without getting too bogged down in semantics here, I think it useful for a distinction to be made between the two wordings.

As far as I understand it, a "twitcher" is anybody who pursues new species of birds, especially rarities, to tick off for their lists - no more, no less. Being considered a "birder" (sounds a bit cooler than birdwatcher maybe), implies a respectable degree of ornithological knowlege and experience, particularly involving such aquired skills as that of fieldcraft and identification competence.

So, some "birders" may not be renowned twitchers and some "twitchers" may not be particularly good birders. Others can be and are both, of course!

Having said that, I think anybody who achieves a personal British list of over 500 species, demonstrates considerable dedication over the course of many years.

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6 years 2 days ago #924 by Nick Moss
Fair point indeed. Apologies Mike for not going right back.

And I love twitching. Desperately need something to twitch, something I think Steve alludes to.

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