normal 2015-09-14 IOC and Clements List updates: Plovercrest names

3 years 5 months ago #1277 by Mark Maddock
Green-crowned Plovercrest (Stephanoxis loddigesii)
Purple-crowned Plovercrest (Stephanoxis lalandi)

Green-crowned Plovercrest (Stephanoxis lalandi)
Velvet-crowned Plovercrest (Stephanoxis loddigesii)

They both can't be right can they? :)

My IOC excel download has it as Clements does here and the comments "Change English name of Plovercrest to Green-crowned Plovercrest with split of Purple-crowned Plovercrest (S. loddigesii). English names provisional"

3 years 5 months ago #1278 by Mike Prince
Hi Mark

These are now corrected.

You were quick: we hadn't actually finished doing all the updates :-)
3 years 5 months ago #1279 by André Weiss
Thanks for the update Mike! A staggering 5 armchair ticks for me this time.

3 years 5 months ago #1280 by Mike Prince
You're welcome André. Those Swamphens were helpful for me :-)
3 years 4 months ago #1281 by Steve Lister
Well done for getting the updates out so quickly. But despite what it says above the Plovercrests seem to be a problem as the alert you sent me does not have the new splits to choose from, just the original single species.
3 years 4 months ago #1282 by Mike Prince
Oh yes, mucked up the Plovercrests. I do wish IOC and Clements would make their updates at the same time: I forgot I'd already split them on IOC :-) Sorted now I hope!
3 years 4 months ago #1283 by Antony Whitehead
Just updated my 2 main lists, a task that is made all the harder when you are bounced back to page one after every single edit. So every edit on pages 10, 11 etc I have to scroll forward and try and remember which page I have just updated. Inevitably I miss one and have to go back and look for it. Is it possible for you to be able to stay on a page after carrying out an edit, so that you can either update an entry on the same page, or if needs be step forward (or back) one page to the next update. (OK rant over)
3 years 4 months ago #1284 by Mike Prince
If you select to "show only the pending taxonomic updates" rather than view your whole list then all the relevant species should easily fit on one page only.
3 years 4 months ago #1285 by Mark Maddock
Cheers Mike

Just happened to be in updating the lists at the right time ;)

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