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1 week 4 days ago #1578 by Bruce Barrett
I received an email ostensibly coming from Bubo saying that ABA had deleted Pine Flycatcher. Is this legit, because I can see nothing on the ABA web page, or is it fake?

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1 week 3 days ago #1579 by Mike Prince
Replied by Mike Prince on topic Pine Flycatcher
Hi Bruce

This was legit, but a mistake! Pine Flycatchers have now been added back.

We have introduced a 'new' ABA to cater for the expanded ABA area which now includes Hawaii . That means all ABA lists subsequent to 2016 should use the newly defined ABA authority , whilst older lists use the earlier ABA list . Pine Flycatcher is on the ABA list based on a record from 2016, so should not be on any ABA lists under the 'old' authority.

We'll make a more detailed announcement in the near future about the updated ABA list.

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