normal Western Palearctic updates

7 years 8 months ago #671 by Mike Prince
We have made several updates to the Dutch Birding Western Palearctic list, so that this is now fully up to date. This includes a few species additions and many taxonomic changes to passerine families and sequences. Thanks to Rob Gordijn for his help with this.

Several introduced species, e.g. Black Swan, Ruddy Duck, Common Pheasant, have been removed by Dutch Birding. Since these all have several records entered in BUBO Listing we haven't deleted them yet, but will do so soon. Any listers who lose some records in the process, and whose list totals will therefore go down, will be notified.
7 years 8 months ago #673 by Mike Prince
Introduced species have now been deleted so the BUBO Listing Dutch Birding Western Palearctic list accurately reflects the official Dutch Birding list. Apologies to the many people who have lost ticks in this process! You will have received emails detailing the species that have been removed.
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