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9 years 2 weeks ago #367 by Gyorgy Szimuly
IOC listing was created by Gyorgy Szimuly
Any plan to offer listing based on the IOC nomenclature?

Adding my life list was a hassle since I don't keep Clements list anymore. I guess I am not the only one with this challenge.

Cheers, Szimi
9 years 2 weeks ago #368 by Andy Musgrove
Replied by Andy Musgrove on topic IOC listing
Hi Szimi

It is a work in progress. I have sorted all the non-passerines and am now embarking on the passerines. It is a tricky thing to sort out because of the need to allow people to accurately transfer world lists from Clements to IOC.

But yes, it is being sorted and I would hope to have achieved it in the next few months (er, maybe!)


9 years 2 weeks ago #369 by Gyorgy Szimuly
Replied by Gyorgy Szimuly on topic IOC listing
I would not care about my Clements list if there was an IOC replacement. I am storing the v.2.3 of the IOC list in a spreadsheet so it would be relatively easy to transfer to Bubo :)

Hope no need to wait months.

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