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6 years 4 months ago #871 by Peter Lewis
"Best" birds was created by Peter Lewis
With the great database management tools that BUBO utilizes, I have been a bit surprised to find no "best birds" functionality. This is basically the inverse of the "Targets" list and should be fairly trivial to code: your list, with the ordering determined by the number of similar lists with the same bird. Instead of "what's the most-often-seen bird that I haven't seen?" it would be "what's the least-often-seen bird I have seen?"

To the best of my knowledge this isn't available on BUBO yet. I'd love to see it some day though... could be fun!
6 years 4 months ago #872 by William Jones
Replied by William Jones on topic "Best" birds
I agree, it would certainly be very interesting!
6 years 4 months ago #873 by Ian Foster
Replied by Ian Foster on topic "Best" birds
I'd also like to see a "who needs what" list. So when for example the next Black-billed Cuckoo (this week with any luck) turns up you can check to see who still needs it...just a thought.

Cheers Ian.
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