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03 Jun 2009 19:04 #143 by Mike Prince
We have just added various new list types to BUBO Listing - read more...

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05 Jun 2009 07:43 #144 by Andy Musgrove
Just had a go at a British BOU "on foot" green list. Interesting - a few things to consider here-

a) List has started out being largely a combined garden list from my various homes over the years, but I should be able to rack up some more if I look at some old records.

b) Need to consider where does "on foot" count from. From place of permanent residence at least, but what about work - not sure? What about if you've gone on holiday somewhere for a couple of weeks and walk from your cottage, or tent? What about the Red Kites over my parents' house?

c) I'm going to struggle to remember some of my early records from pre-driving days, whether I walked from home or cycled. (I must have been fit in those days!) Perhaps I should just do the non-motorised transport option and include bike.

Interested to hear the thoughts of others...

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