The following sections provide some information explaining how to use the forums. For information about how to use the BUBO Listing website in general, see the instructions.

Firstly you do not need to be a registered user of BUBO Listing to view forum messages. However if you wish to post a message yourself then you must be registered and logged in first.

Forum Basics

Forum messages are arranged in appropriate categories, e.g. a specific forum for a specific country. When you initially enter the forums you will be shown a list of the most recent messages, across all categories. (You can change the number of messages displayed from the 'View Recent' dropdown selector.) You can click on any one to view the entire discussion (or 'thread'). By selecting the 'All Discussions' tab you can browse messages from all the available forum categories. Alternatively, to visit a specific forum category to see all messages within it, just choose the required category from the 'Go to Forum' dropdown.

To search the forums just enter your search term in the 'Search Forum' box and click 'Go'. You will be presented with a list of matching messages. Clicking on one will take you to the particular message within its message thread.

Posting Messages

If you wish to post a new message you must first go to a specific forum category, or message thread. Then select the 'New Thread' button (or 'Reply Topic' if you wish to contribute to an existing thread).

To post your message you may simply enter a Subject, the Message itself, and then click 'Submit' (or 'Preview' first if you wish to check what your message will look like before posting it). However there are some additional features you can use if necessary.

These include a 'Topic icon' which will be displayed beside the message subject when the forum category is viewed, 'boardcode' which allows the message to be formatted in different ways (e.g. bold, quotations from other messages, bulleted lists, hyperlinks, colour), 'emoticons' or 'smilies' for emphasis, and the ability to attach images and other files to the message. Finally it is recommended that you ensure that the 'Subscribe' box is checked so that you will be sent an email as soon as anyone else replies to the message thread.

Replying to an existing message is done in essentially the same way as posting a message to a new thread.

My Profile

By selecting the 'My Profile' tab you can add a signature to all your posts.

Signatures can include hyperlinks, although please note the Rules regarding acceptable content.

Additional Features

When viewing a thread or message you will also see buttons 'Subscribe' and 'Favourite'. Clicking 'Subscribe' will ensure that you will receive email notifications of any further message posts within the thread. Clicking 'Favourite' will mark the thread so that you can easily return to it at a later time.

Within the main BUBO Listing 'My Profile' user menu option there is now a new tab for 'BUBO Forum'. This provides a quick and convenient mechanism for you to view messages you have made, subscriptions you have active and favourite threads you have marked.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about the use of the BUBO Forums, or better still post a message in the appropriate forum!