It is now possible to download lists from BUBO Listing for your own records. Downloads can be done in text (tab-delimited or comma-separated) or spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) format.

You will see the following download icons when you view a list in detail: just click on one and either open the file directly or choose a folder on your computer to save the downloaded file.

Download list as tab-delimited text fileDownload list as comma-separated text fileDownload list as spreadsheet

You can download either the list itself, or the target species for the list.

This isn't just restricted to your own lists: you can view someone else's list and download that. This is great for doing some analysis, e.g. what has Fred Bloggs seen in Norfolk this year that I haven't seen?

If you are downloading your own list then it is recommended that you do it from within My Lists - this way the details of sensitive records will be included. If you download your own list from the publicly viewable View All Lists option the sensitive species will be suppressed.

We are delighted to have been awarded 'Website of the month' in the June issue of Birdwatch Magazine.

See the magazine for the write-up. They conclude by saying "as more and more birders add on their individual lists, this will become a fascinating and compelling site to visit". So thanks to all those birders who have already added lists, and please continue to add lists and encourage your fellow birders to join the BUBO Listing community!

BUBO Listing now has the ability to create one list based on copying an existing list. This makes it much quicker to enter additional lists once you have your first list created. For example, if you have created your British Life List via the normal checklist entry method, you could then create a copy of it as your Norfolk county list. This will copy all records across to your Norfolk county list, leaving you with just the task of deleting (or updating) any invalid records, e.g. species only seen outside of Norfolk.

The feature also allows you to copy lists across authorities, e.g. create your UK400 life list based on a copy of your BOU life list. You would then need to add (via 'Add Species to List') those records where taxonomy and acceptance varies between BOU and UK400.

This can be quite a complex feature, so please read the detailed instructions and examples under 'Creating A List'.

The 'Copy List' feature is available as an option on the 'Create New List' page when logged in.

As usual, if you have any comments please contact us.

It is now possible to view the complete species lists for each of the supported authorities. This also includes notes added by BUBO Listing to provide extra detail behind taxonomic decisions and acceptable records. See the species lists section.


The Latest List Update feature has been very well-received since BUBO Listing launched. It is especially ideal for keeping an eye on what is being added to people's year lists! We have now enhanced this to provide a history of recent updates: just select the View Latest Updates option from the user menu when logged in.