Stuart Elsom

Stuart Elsom

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Stuart Elsom
United Kingdom
Additional Information
Have lived and birded in Cambridgeshire all my life. I run my own ecological consultancy and although a bird specialist, I have worked on taxa including mammals, amphibians. reptiles, invertebrates and vascular plants.

Since mid 1980's a very keen twitcher with most weekends spent in Norfolk in the early days, but started tour leading in 2000 - hence I have missed quite a few key rarities since hitting 500 in 2001.

I am a keen wildife photographer and since going digital in early 2005 I have now amassed some 9000 bird/wildlife images from the UK and from my world travels, a selection of which can be seen on my website. I've now photographed just over 2800 species.

I started travelling further afield in the late 1980's, since then I've visited 56 countries and have an IOC list of over 4000. My aim is to get to 5000 before my 50th Birthday!

The picture of me with a Crimson Rosella on my head was taken by Richard Patient at O'Reilly's in Queensland, Australia in August 2009. Our month-long trip to Oz, PNG and Hong Kong chalked up a combined list of 593. What a fabulous place!