Guðmundur Hj Falk Johannesson

Guðmundur Hj Falk Johannesson

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Guðmundur Hj Falk Johannesson
Iceland listGeneral Discussion19/10/2019 19:34
Iceland listGeneral Discussion19/10/2019 19:11
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on my 52nd year of my life now ...started Birding 2014 at age 49 after i photographed a Barred Warbler at Garður Iceland then i got better Camera and better lenses :)

now i love to travel around the world and take the Camera with me and scope and go birding in each trip i go

I have been pretty fast going up my Iceland list and my most important finds for me are the find of Bufflehead at Sandgerði 9th November 2016 the fifth for Iceland then i found a new Specie for Iceland The Black Winged Stilt at afternoon 20th of April 2017 and then the first American White Winged Crossbill for Western Phaleractic at 15th of November 2017 ..Subspecie from Two Barred Crossbill

but i love birding and Bird Photography

next trips are Ireland,, Mexico and Morocco