The most requested change to BUBO Listing has been for the ability to add a species to more than one list simultaneously, e.g. whilst adding a record to your Britain life list you could also add it to your year list. We're pleased to announce that this facility is now available.

Now when you add a species record to a list, via the My Lists menu option and the Add Species button, you will see a checkbox for 'Add to multiple lists?'. Checking this will show a table of all your lists. (Use the page navigation links if not all your lists are visible.) To select a list use Ctrl-click (Cmd-click on a Mac) - you may select as many as you like this way. When you then click the Add Species button, BUBO Listing will attempt to add the species first to the main list and then to all of the additionally selected lists.

Since the selected lists may be for different authorities and/or different locations, the validation performed is quite complex; the species may already be on one of the selected lists, it may not be available according to the taxonomy used, it may be considered rare or it may not be present for the location. BUBO Listing will show you a list of any errors it encountered so that you know which lists to retry.

If you have any comments on this, or other aspects of BUBO Listing, please let us know in the forums.