For many birders, seeing as many of the bird families in the world as possible is an interesting quest. For those willing and able to travel, seeing all of the currently 250 families on the IOC world list is a feasible target. We have now made it easy to see which families you have, and haven't, seen on any of your lists. To do so, just click on the two crows icon. Families where you have seen at least one species are shown in bold, and those that you haven't seen in grey. You can also see how many of the species within the family you have seen, and all these columns are sortable.

Target Families

You can also see your "target" families, i.e. those families you still need, ranked by "easiness". This is determined in a similar way to target species, i.e. the easiest target family is the one that has been seen by most other listers, for the same location, time period, taxonomic authority and list type. Sort the family table by either of the last two columns ("Seen by Others" and "Others %") to order by the number of other listers who have seen at least one species from the family. (NB: For simplicity, these columns are not shown in the example above.)

Because target families can be quite slow for popular and large lists, e.g. World lists, they are not shown by default. When viewing your families as above, click the two crows again (there will now be a target symbol superimposed on them) to add the targets columns to the end of table.

For those keen on building a big world family list, you can follow BirdQuest's strategy for seeing all the world's bird families