A Brown Flycatcher found at Flamborough Head, Yorkshire, may prove to be the first official British record. A previous bird on Fair Isle on 1st July 1992 was accepted as being this species, but the date was deemed unusual for such a species and so the record was not accepted by the BOURC as referring to a wild bird. The Flamborough bird, however, would appear to have much stronger credentials, arriving amongst a major arrival of Yellow-browed Warblers and shortly following records of both White's Thrush and Siberian Thrush on the northern isles.

Asian Brown Flycatcher (Muscicapa dauurica)


In anticipation of this bird's potential acceptance, therefore, Brown Flycatcher has been added to BUBO Listing's BOU and "Official Britain and Ireland" list authorities, allowing those BUBO Listers lucky enough to catch up with this bird to add it to their lists based on those authorities. [The species was already on the UK400 and Birdwatch authority lists, on the basis of the Fair Isle bird.] If the Flamborough bird is not accepted, however, this species will be removed from these lists in the future.