There's little doubt that most birders leave their Christmas presents buying to the last minute. Well, never fear, BUBO Listing in association with Amazon can help with lots of ideas of gifts for birders and non-birders alike!

(Prices are the same as you would get shopping on Amazon directly, but buying via BUBO Listing gives us a small commission which helps as a little incentive for us to keep enhancing this site!)

Browse the Amazon website, or let us give you a few ideas...

How about a digital photo frame? It's the ideal way to get those digital pics off your PC and instead gracing your living room. 

I'm sure we'd all be happy to get a new pair of bins or a scope but maybe budgets can't stretch to Swarovski, Zeiss or Leica. What about a cheap second pair of bins to keep in the car or at the office? You never know when you might need them! 

Maybe an upgrade to your camera is in order to a nice new digital SLR, or why not buy your nearest and dearest an excellent digital compact camera that you can also sneak into your pocket for a bit of digiscoping the next time you're out birding?

Nowadays a GPS is becoming a commonly seen piece of birding equipment, especially for any foreign trips. Another aid to getting fast to your next twitch is a satellite navigation system. See Amazon's choice of GPSs and satnav systems. And if you have to spend many hours in a car load of birders, why not just put on your headphones and listen to your own music on your MP3 player, which doubles as a handy bird call player and recorder?

For taking notes in the field, many birders are now using PDAs. However if you still prefer the fastest way to take notes and field sketches, consider one of the finest notebooks you can get.

Of course the easiest present to buy for any birder is a book, and the latest birding tomes are always welcome. See some of our recommendations in the BUBO Store.

If you happen to be in the unfortunate position of needing to buy a present for someone who is not interested in birds, and you don't think Bill Oddie's Introduction to Birdwatching or How to Watch Wildlife book (or DVD boxed set), or Simon Barnes's How to Be Wild (following on from his Bad Birdwatcher books which were much appreciated by my Mum last Christmas!) will get them hooked, then you actually have the whole Amazon store to chose from. So check out their selection of music, DVDs, other books, toys and games or just browse from the Amazon homepage.

Have a great Christmas. Personally I'm looking forward to my first trip to the UK in over a year and hence my BUBO year list will increase beyond its current zero. What I'm really wishing for is that Santa will bring me a Sussex Ross's Gull...