It's been a long time coming but we have just completed an upgrade to BUBO Listing, including moving to a new server. You'll notice a neater, easier to read, fresher look to all pages and a few fun features, including:

  • Share your lists on Facebook and Twitter! Look for the buttons at the bottom when you are viewing a list, and you can tweet it, like it or share it with your online friends. Why not share your life list every time you get a major addition? Or share your targets and ask people to look out for the top ones!
  • Similarly you can share other content on BUBO Listing, not just lists.
  • The latest list update at the top of each page will now show an image of the species in question (assuming we can find one, with a matching scientific name, that is). Also you can go directly to view the list that has been updated.
  • A wide range of new bird photos on the homepage.

Coming soon will be the latest IOC updates...