Horizontal Banner

Vertical BannerIf you have your own website or blog, or contribute to other forums, you will be pleased to know that it is now possible to include a BUBO badge with list totals updated automatically from BUBO Listing. Up to two lists can be chosen to be displayed in a variety of sizes, and these can be included on other websites by just copying and pasting some given code. For example, a horizontal banner for a forum signature and a vertical banner for a blog are shown here.

To set up lists for use in these BUBO badges, you need to mark these lists as favourites (similarly to setting favourites for your personalised home page). From My Lists, click on the star icon next to the list you wish to use. Under the option "Show this list on other websites and forums?", you can make it display first or second on a badge. You can also choose the size of badge from the list given. Click "Preview image..." to see how the image will look. On the right hand side the code you need to copy and paste is displayed in bold. Two options are shown: "BBCode" which is typically used by forums, and HTML for your website or blog. Select the bold text and copy it (e.g. using Ctrl-C), then you can paste it into the signature field option for the forum you are using, or into your website or blog. If you need more details then just ask in the BUBO forums.

Setting BUBO badges

You can also test your signature in the BUBO forum - go to My Profile -> Update Profile -> BUBO Forum tab and paste (e.g. Ctrl-V) the BBCode selected earlier.

Note that the lists you use for BUBO badges do not have to be the same ones that you show on the home page. Also there is no reason why you can't show several different size badges in different locations, e.g. a horizontal banner on a forum and a vertical banner on your website.

The content shown on the badge includes list name, list type, last tick species, date and location. Text will be truncated or omitted if need be to fit the particular badge size. Your latest tick is determined by the date and time it was added to BUBO Listing, not the sighting date. This means that retrospective updates that you make (e.g. from recent taxonomic changes, or record acceptances by the appropriate committee) will be used even if they relate to an old sighting. (The first time you choose a list for a badge you may find no latest tick details shown, or Mute Swan may be shown as default - just use Batch Edit to uncheck the species as seen and then immediately check it back on again, and it will then appear as the last tick.)

Each time a badge is used anywhere the BUBO Listing database is queried for the latest details. Because of the increased load on the BUBO Listing system we do insist that the badge must keep intact the direct link to BUBO Listing. Hence anyone clicking on the badge on your website, or in your forum signature, will be taken to the BUBO Listing website.

If you use and like these badges then we would appreciate it if you could consider making a donation towards the running of the BUBO Listing website. There is no obligation but this would help us cover the increased costs of hosting and development.

Note also for forum signatures that you must comply with any restrictions that the particular forum gives regarding image dimensions and file size. Use small badges and the compressed version if necessary and check that it works on the forum in question.

If you have any questions about using these BUBO badges then please ask in the BUBO forum.