Brown Booby

You will have noticed a new look to BUBO Listing. Everything should work as before but with a few changes other than the new design:

  • You no longer need a username. Instead you can log in with your email address, or your existing username. Forgotten usernames and passwords are a very common support query for us, so hopefully this will be easier for everyone in the future!
  • The menu of options when you are logged in, to view My Lists, Create New List etc., is now part of the main menu at the top. If you can't see My Lists in this menu, then you need to log in. The login form has now moved to the top right.
  • New functionality includes checking the Top Blockers for any list!

Thanks to the brilliant Gyr Crakes for the updated BUBO logo!

If you notice any problems with the new site then please contact us.