During our regular updating of BUBO Listing we have made two changes that will be noticed by birders wanting to create or update their lists.

Firstly, we are now insisting that all records of 'rare' species must be accompanied by a date and location. Whilst we realise this may slow down the initial entry of a list somewhat, the extra information should make the list more interesting for everyone. Whilst we are not inclined to assess the individual records on every list, having date and location information set against records of rare species is clearly of interest to many people (for example, when accessing all lists containing a given species using our 'blockers' facility). Moreover, it also helps in reducing the inevitable occasional inputting error. Obviously, this will not affect any records of rare species entered before this time, and we would encourage all BUBO Listers to go back to their lists and fill in the dates and locations of as many species as possible, especially the rarer ones.

Secondly, the main list entry page (i.e. with the entire checklist visible at once) has now been split into multiple pages. This is to improve the speed of the list entry and is also in preparation for larger base-lists for the Western Palearctic and other large regions, including the World. At the bottom of each page within the 'create new list' facility, you simply need to click on 'Save Records'; this will save the records from that page and then automatically take you to the next page.

These changes have been made to try to improve the service we offer to BUBO Listers, both now and for our future plans. We are always keen to hear of any suggestions for further improvements. Additionally, if you spot any apparent errors then please contact us immediately, via the 'Contact Us' menu item.