Sean Geeney: Ireland Year List 2020 IRBC, All records Record(s) 1 to 84 of 84 total. Seq.,Species,Scientific Name,Date,Location,Comments 1,Brent Goose,Branta bernicla,13/09/2020,Seabank, 2,Mute Swan,Cygnus olor,04/08/2020,St Stephen's Green Pond, 3,Mallard,Anas platyrhynchos,,, 4,Red-breasted Merganser,Mergus serrator,,Beach behind House, 5,Pheasant,Phasianus colchicus,,, 6,Little Grebe,Tachybaptus ruficollis,,, 7,Great Crested Grebe,Podiceps cristatus,05/09/2020,Salterstown through a scope,"A birder, Frank Meegan (?), showed me it quite far out" 8,Grey Heron,Ardea cinerea,,Newry Canal, 9,Little Egret,Egretta garzetta,,, 10,Gannet,Morus bassanus,02/08/2020,Salterstown Pier,Saw 10 - 20 diving for fish about a mile out 11,Cormorant,Phalacrocorax carbo,08/07/2020,,Flying overhead near Glyde 12,Sparrowhawk,Accipiter nisus,08/08/2020,Fields behind house,Swopped up over a tree and flew 50 yards to an ivy covered tree. Couldn't spot him again but got an ID pic 13,Buzzard,Buteo buteo,,, 14,Moorhen,Gallinula chloropus,08/07/2020,,A few on the river 15,Coot,Fulica atra,03/08/2020,St Stephen's Green Pond, 16,Oystercatcher,Haematopus ostralegus,,, 17,Lapwing,Vanellus vanellus,11/08/2020,Lurgangreen,"Saw about 20, including one being chased by a peregrine. It escaped :)" 18,Grey Plover,Pluvialis squatarola,20/08/2020,Seabank,1000+ Knots with a few Grey Plover Initially wrongly ID'd as Golden Plover 19,Ringed Plover,Charadrius hiaticula,,, 20,Little Ringed Plover,Charadrius dubius,27/07/2020,Seabank,Was shown it by Brian O'Neill 21,Black-tailed Godwit,Limosa limosa,08/08/2020,Lynns Beach, 22,Bar-tailed Godwit,Limosa lapponica,09/07/2020,Lynns Beach,Winter plummage - quite far out 23,Eurasian Whimbrel,Numenius phaeopus,16/08/2020,Seabank,Caught my eye as looked thinner and more upright than a curlew with a shorter beak. A bit like a mistle thrush versus a song thrush for me 24,Redshank,Tringa totanus,,,Seabank- 3/4 25,Greenshank,Tringa nebularia,27/07/2020,Seabank,Was shown it by Brian O'Neill. Saw 2 26,Common Sandpiper,Actitis hypoleucos,17/07/2020,Annagassan Harbour,Saw 2 zooming above Glyde Estuary and perched on the harbour wall 27,Turnstone,Arenaria interpres,25/07/2020,Seabank,Saw around 10 28,Knot,Calidris canutus,09/07/2020,Lynns Beach,Approx 5 Seen 29,Dunlin,Calidris alpina,09/07/2020,Lynns Beach,Approx 15 Seen 30,Black-headed Gull,Chroicocephalus ridibundus,,, 31,Common Gull,Larus canus,20/08/2020,Seabank, 32,Great Black-backed Gull,Larus marinus,,, 33,Herring Gull,Larus argentatus,,, 34,Sandwich Tern,Sterna sandvicensis,23/07/2020,Dunany Point,3-6 including juveniles 35,Little Tern,Sternula albifrons,13/07/2020,Louth Nature Reserve Little Tern Colony Baltray, 36,Common Tern,Sterna hirundo,06/09/2020,Lynns Beach,Saw 2/3 with sandwich terns 37,Razorbill,Alca torda,05/09/2020,Salterstown,Maybe 50 all along Salterstown front 38,Woodpigeon,Columba palumbus,,, 39,Collared Dove,Streptopelia decaocto,,, 40,Swift,Apus apus,12/07/2020,Lynns ,9 flew overhead of the garden heading south 41,Kestrel,Falco tinnunculus,13/07/2020,Lynns,A beautiful juvenile perched on a neighbours concrete pillar 42,Peregrine,Falco peregrinus,26/07/2020,Field behind Family Home,Saw 2 flying overhead being mobbed by smaller birds 43,Magpie,Pica pica,,, 44,Chough,Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax,24/09/2020,"Cunnigar Spit, Waterford",Saw 5 . Photos taken 45,Jackdaw,Corvus monedula,,, 46,Rook,Corvus frugilegus,,, 47,Hooded Crow,Corvus cornix,,, 48,Raven,Corvus corax,18/07/2020,"Townley Hall Woods, Collon",Heard it first and then tracked it down a bit and finally just saw fly out of a huge oak tree 49,Coal Tit,Periparus ater,,Garden Peanut Feeder, 50,Blue Tit,Cyanistes caeruleus,08/07/2020,By Glyde,Lots of Juveniles- No Adult Spotted 51,Great Tit,Parus major,08/07/2020,, 52,Swallow,Hirundo rustica,,, 53,House Martin,Delichon urbicum,,, 54,Long-tailed Tit,Aegithalos caudatus,16/09/2020,Glyde River Banks,3/4 - very flighty 55,Willow Warbler,Phylloscopus trochilus,,, 56,Chiffchaff,Phylloscopus collybita,08/08/2020,Banks of Glyde in a tree,"Not fully confirmed as difficult to distinguish and picture is a little blurry. However , legs do look black" 57,Sedge Warbler,Acrocephalus schoenobaenus,08/07/2020,Banks of Glyde in a tree,I overlooked it but then I had asked in a forum for a pic 58,Blackcap,Sylvia atricapilla,08/08/2020,Glyde - Opposite Water Treatment Plant,Spotted a female in a berry tree 59,Whitethroat,Sylvia communis,11/07/2020,Dunany Point,2 or 3 singing loudly 60,Goldcrest,Regulus regulus,24/09/2020,Comeragh Mountains, 61,Wren,Troglodytes troglodytes,,, 62,Treecreeper,Certhia familiaris,08/07/2020,Banks of Glyde in a tree, 63,Starling,Sturnus vulgaris,,, 64,Blackbird,Turdus merula,,, 65,Song Thrush,Turdus philomelos,,, 66,Mistle Thrush,Turdus viscivorus,11/07/2020,Castlebellingham back fields,Not certain as quite far away. I have pics and some signs as it's perched high and standing straigher up 67,Spotted Flycatcher,Muscicapa striata,07/09/2020,Seabank,1st of the year . Looked like a juvenile. Hunting from a perch 68,Robin,Erithacus rubecula,,, 69,Stonechat,Saxicola torquatus,05/07/2020,Dunany Beach,Singing loudly. Very bold. Walked within 3 metres 70,Wheatear,Oenanthe oenanthe,25/07/2020,Seabank,Saw an Adult and a Juvenile 71,House Sparrow,Passer domesticus,,, 72,Tree Sparrow,Passer montanus,,, 73,Dunnock,Prunella modularis,10/07/2020,,In lane opposite house drinking from a puddle 74,Grey Wagtail,Motacilla cinerea,08/07/2020,Glyde - Opposite Water Treatment Plant,Very bold and walking around 75,Pied Wagtail,Motacilla alba,,, 76,Meadow Pipit,Anthus pratensis,,, 77,Chaffinch,Fringilla coelebs,,, 78,Bullfinch,Pyrrhula pyrrhula,,, 79,Greenfinch,Chloris chloris,,, 80,Linnet,Carduelis cannabina,,, 81,Lesser Redpoll,Acanthis cabaret,15/07/2020,"Girley Bog, Kells",Spotted on the top of a birch tree 82,Goldfinch,Carduelis carduelis,,, 83,Yellowhammer,Emberiza citrinella,,, 84,Reed Bunting,Emberiza schoeniclus,,,