Niall Keogh: Kilcoole-Newcastle-Blackditch Life List IRBC, All records Record(s) 1 to 213 of 213 total. Seq.,Species,Scientific Name,Date,Location,Comments 1,Brent Goose,Branta bernicla,,,Regular wintering flock of race hrota. One or two race bernicla annual. 2,Barnacle Goose,Branta leucopsis,,,Rare winter visitor (only 2 or 3 seen). 3,Canada Goose,Branta canadensis,,,Rare/Scarce. Presumably of feral origin. 4,Greylag Goose,Anser anser,,,Regular wintering flock of wild Icelandic birds. Some feral birds seen in summer also. 5,Pink-footed Goose,Anser brachyrhynchus,,,Scarce winter visitor. One seen in May/June 2013 also. 6,Tundra Bean Goose,Anser serrirostris,13/01/2012,Kilcoole,Two birds in fields inland of The Breaches and Webb's field. 7,White-fronted Goose,Anser albifrons,,,"Greenland race flavirostris, scarce winter visitor. A 1st-winter Russian White-fronted Goose on 8th January 2014." 8,Mute Swan,Cygnus olor,,,Resident breeder. 9,Bewick's Swan,Cygnus columbianus,,,Once a regular wintering flock present but now very rare. Small numbers (2-10) again present during winters of 2010/2011 & 2011/2012. 10,Whooper Swan,Cygnus cygnus,,,Regular wintering flock. Some summer records. 11,Shelduck,Tadorna tadorna,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 12,Gadwall,Anas strepera,,,Scarce winter visitor in small numbers. Some summering birds. 13,Wigeon,Anas penelope,,,Regular wintering flock. Some summering birds. 14,American Wigeon,Anas americana,23/02/2020,East Coast NR,2nd calendar year male on the coastal fields. Found the day before by Eric Dempsey. 15,Mallard,Anas platyrhynchos,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 16,Blue-winged Teal,Anas discors,04/08/2003,Kilcoole,Eclipse male in Webb's field. 17,Shoveler,Anas clypeata,,,Regular winter visitor. A pair bred in 2011 & 2012. 18,Pintail,Anas acuta,,,Scarce in winter & on passage. 19,Garganey,Anas querquedula,,,Rare spring visitor. One winter record. 20,Teal,Anas crecca,,,Regular wintering flock. Some summering birds. 21,Green-winged Teal,Anas carolinensis,11/03/2001,Kilcoole,Total of six seen (four at Kilcoole and two at East Coast NR). One returning drake from 2004 to 2009. 22,Pochard,Aythya ferina,,,Scarce in winter & on passage. 23,Ring-necked Duck,Aythya collaris,11/10/2008,Kilcoole,Juvenile in Stringer\'s channel. 1st site record. 24,Tufted Duck,Aythya fuligula,,,Scarce in winter & on passage. 25,Scaup,Aythya marila,,Kilcoole,Five records from Webb's field/Stringer's channel. 26,Common Scoter,Melanitta nigra,,,Uncommon. Migrates offshore in winter & on passage. 27,Long-tailed Duck,Clangula hyemalis,,Kilcoole,"Total of 2 seen, both in Webb's field." 28,Goldeneye,Bucephala clangula,,,Scarce winter visitor. 29,Smew,Mergellus albellus,28/12/2003,Kilcoole,One redhead in Webb's field. 30,Goosander,Mergus merganser,21/11/2004,Kilcoole,"Two redheads flew south over the marsh. Another redhead flew north along the beach on 28th Nov 2010. Male seen between East Coast NR, Newcastle and Kilcoole on 15th Dec 2017." 31,Red-breasted Merganser,Mergus serrator,,,Uncommon. Migrates offshore in winter & on passage. 32,Ruddy Duck,Oxyura jamaicensis,25/09/2004,Kilcoole,Female in Stringer's channel. 33,Pheasant,Phasianus colchicus,,,Resident breeder. 34,Red-throated Diver,Gavia stellata,,,Regular offshore in winter and on passage. 35,Black-throated Diver,Gavia arctica,10/07/2017,East Coast NR,Non-breeding plumage bird (presumed 2nd calendar year) offshore between Six Mile Point and Five Mile Point. 36,Great Northern Diver,Gavia immer,,,Scarce winter & spring visitor. 37,Storm Petrel,Hydrobates pelagicus,,,Scarce offshore in summer and on passage. 38,Fulmar,Fulmarus glacialis,,,"Regular offshore in summer and on passage, scarce in winter." 39,Sooty Shearwater,Puffinus griseus,12/09/2004,Kilcoole,One going North at sea. 40,Manx Shearwater,Puffinus puffinus,,,Regular passage migrant & summer visitor offshore. 41,Balearic Shearwater,Puffinus mauretanicus,25/05/2011,Kilcoole,"Total of 3 seen: 25th May 2011, 31st May 2012 & 20th July 2013." 42,Little Grebe,Tachybaptus ruficollis,,,Resident breeder. 43,Great Crested Grebe,Podiceps cristatus,,,Scarce winter visitor. 44,Glossy Ibis,Plegadis falcinellus,16/02/2018,East Coast NR,Three birds. 45,Spoonbill,Platalea leucorodia,20/06/2007,Kilcoole,Sub-adult (2nd-summer?) in Webb's field. 46,Bittern,Botaurus stellaris,30/12/2012,Kilcoole,Seen in flight over Stringer's channels. 47,Cattle Egret,Bubulcus ibis,09/11/2007,Newcastle,One in fields between Newcastle Airfield & Stringer's channels. 48,Grey Heron,Ardea cinerea,,,Regular throughout the year. 49,Purple Heron,Ardea purpurea,10/07/2017,East Coat NR,2nd calendar year 50,Great White Egret,Ardea alba,06/08/2019,Newcastle,Inland of Stringer's Channels. 51,Little Egret,Egretta garzetta,,,Regular in small numbers throughout the year. Breeds locally. 52,Gannet,Morus bassanus,,,"Regular offshore in summer and on passage, scarce in winter." 53,Shag,Phalacrocorax aristotelis,,,Regular offshore throughout the year. 54,Cormorant,Phalacrocorax carbo,,,Regular throughout the year. A flock rests in Webb's field. 55,Osprey,Pandion haliaetus,15/06/1995,Kilcoole,One flew North. Another one was seen flying North on 1st June 2011. 56,Sparrowhawk,Accipiter nisus,,,Regular throughout the year. Breeds locally. 57,Marsh Harrier,Circus aeruginosus,,,Scarce but regular in summer and on passage. One winter record. 58,Hen Harrier,Circus cyaneus,,,Scarce winter visitor. Two records in July. 59,Northern Harrier,Circus hudsonius,19/11/2015,Newcastle,1st calendar year. Also seen at East Coast NR and Broad Lough. 60,Red Kite,Milvus milvus,27/09/2014,Kilcoole,Seen approx. 5km to the SW over Gallows Hill area. 61,White-tailed Eagle,Haliaeetus albicilla,20/02/2016,East Coast NR,Untagged 2nd calendar year bird seen flying south over the reserve main entrance. Most likely a wild born bird from Irish re-introduction scheme population. 62,Rough-legged Buzzard,Buteo lagopus,24/01/2012,Glenroe/Ballygannon,2nd calendar-year. 63,Buzzard,Buteo buteo,,,Scarce over the marsh but often seen hunting surrounding countryside. Breeds locally. 64,Water Rail,Rallus aquaticus,,,Resident breeder. 65,Moorhen,Gallinula chloropus,,,Resident breeder. 66,Coot,Fulica atra,,,Resident breeder. 67,Crane,Grus grus,23/11/2013,Newcastle,One 68,Oystercatcher,Haematopus ostralegus,,,Resident breeder & passage migrant. Scarce in winter. 69,Lapwing,Vanellus vanellus,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 70,Golden Plover,Pluvialis apricaria,,,Regular wintering flock and on passage. 71,American Golden Plover,Pluvialis dominica,,Kilcoole & Newcastle,Total of 4 seen. 72,Grey Plover,Pluvialis squatarola,,,Scarce on passage and in winter. 73,Ringed Plover,Charadrius hiaticula,,,Resident breeder & passage migrant (northern race(s) seen). 74,Little Ringed Plover,Charadrius dubius,09/04/2000,Kilcoole,"Three records: one adult in BWI Reserve on 9th April 2000, one adult in Webb's field on 1st June 2013 & one juvenile in Webb's field/The Breaches on 27th Sept 2013." 75,Jack Snipe,Lymnocryptes minimus,,,"Scarce winter visitor, underecorded." 76,Snipe,Gallinago gallinago,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 77,Black-tailed Godwit,Limosa limosa,,,Regular on passage and in winter. Recent flocks number 100-150. 78,Bar-tailed Godwit,Limosa lapponica,,,Scarce on passage and in winter. 79,Eurasian Whimbrel,Numenius phaeopus,,,Regular passage migrant. 80,Curlew,Numenius arquata,,,Regular on passage & in winter. 81,Spotted Redshank,Tringa erythropus,,,"3 records (March, June & Sept)." 82,Redshank,Tringa totanus,,,Regular on passage & in winter. Formerly bred. 83,Greenshank,Tringa nebularia,,,Scarce on passage & in winter. 84,Green Sandpiper,Tringa ochropus,,,Scarce passage migrant. 85,Wood Sandpiper,Tringa glareola,,,Scarce passage migrant. 86,Common Sandpiper,Actitis hypoleucos,,,Regular in summer & on passage. 87,Spotted Sandpiper,Actitis macularius,10/05/2007,Blackditch,Adult summer in channels at North end. 88,Turnstone,Arenaria interpres,,,Regular passage migrant & winter visitor. 89,Knot,Calidris canutus,,,Scarce on passage and in winter. 90,Sanderling,Calidris alba,,,Scarce on passage and in winter. 91,Little Stint,Calidris minuta,,,Scarce passage migrant. 92,White-rumped Sandpiper,Calidris fuscicollis,29/10/2000,Kilcoole.,Total of 3 seen. 93,Pectoral Sandpiper,Calidris melanotos,27/09/2003,Kilcoole,One seen in Webb's field. Another seen in Webb's field on 15th May 2012. 94,Curlew Sandpiper,Calidris ferruginea,,,Scarce passage migrant. 95,Purple Sandpiper,Calidris maritima,29/10/2004,Kilcoole,Two flew North along beach. 96,Dunlin,Calidris alpina,,,Regular passage migrant and winter visitor. 97,Buff-breasted Sandpiper,Tryngites subruficollis,04/08/2003,Kilcoole,Total of 7 seen. 98,Ruff,Philomachus pugnax,,,Scarce passage migrant. 99,Wilson's Phalarope,Phalaropus tricolor,03/10/2003,Kilcoole,"Three records: single 1st-winter birds seen in Webb\'s field on 3rd Oct 2003, 22nd & 23rd Sept 2010 & 6th Oct 2010." 100,Red-necked Phalarope,Phalaropus lobatus,01/10/2006,Kilcoole,Juv-1st winter in Webb's field. 101,Grey Phalarope,Phalaropus fulicarius,29/09/2012,Kilcoole,Juv/1st-winter in Webb's field. 102,Kittiwake,Rissa tridactyla,,,Regular offshore in summer and on passage. Scarce in winter. 103,Sabine's Gull,Xema sabini,30/11/1997,Kilcoole,Juvenile resting on the beach. And adult winter seen off Kilcoole train station on 2nd October 2013. 104,Black-headed Gull,Chroicocephalus ridibundus,,,Regular throughout the year. One pair bred unsuccessfully in 2011. 105,Little Gull,Hydrocoloeus minutus,,,Scarce but regular in winter & on passage. 106,Mediterranean Gull,Larus melanocephalus,,,Uncommon. Recorded throughout the year in small numbers. Notable northward passage of juveniles in July/August. 107,Common Gull,Larus canus,,,Regular throughout the year. 108,Ring-billed Gull,Larus delawarensis,30/11/1997,Kilcoole,"Total of 3 seen. Two 1st-winters in The Breaches, Kilcoole on 30th November 1997 and an adult on the coastal fields at ECNR on 20th February 2014." 109,Great Black-backed Gull,Larus marinus,,,Regular throughout the year. 110,Glaucous Gull,Larus hyperboreus,13/05/2009,"Newcastle, Blackditch ECNR & Kilcoole","Six records: Four 2cy birds seen in February, April, May & June. Two 1cy birds seen in Sept & Nov." 111,Iceland Gull,Larus glaucoides,02/12/2001,Kilcoole,1st calendar year flying south off the beach. 112,Herring Gull,Larus argentatus,,,Regular throughout the year. 113,Yellow-legged Gull,Larus michahellis,29/11/2014,Kilcoole,Flyby 3rd-winter bird past train station with mixed flock of Herring & Lesser Black-backed Gulls. 114,Lesser Black-backed Gull,Larus fuscus,,,Regular passage migrant. Scarce winter visitor. 115,Gull-billed Tern,Gelochelidon nilotica,10/04/2004,Kilcoole,Adult type flying North off the beach.1st county record. 116,Sandwich Tern,Sterna sandvicensis,,,Regular in summer & on passage. 117,Little Tern,Sternula albifrons,,,Summer breeding colony at Kilcoole (50-100 pairs). 118,Roseate Tern,Sterna dougallii,,,Scarce but regular late summer/autumn passage migrant. 119,Common Tern,Sterna hirundo,,,"Uncommon Spring passage migrant, more regular in Autumn." 120,Arctic Tern,Sterna paradisaea,,,"Uncommon passage migrant, mostly in Spring." 121,White-winged Black Tern,Chlidonias leucopterus,,Kilcoole,"Juvenile in BWI Reserve, Sept 1999." 122,Black Tern,Chlidonias niger,,,Rare passage migrant. 123,Great Skua,Stercorarius skua,,,Scarce passage migrant. 124,Pomarine Skua,Stercorarius pomarinus,20/06/2007,Kilcoole,Total of 5 seen. 125,Arctic Skua,Stercorarius parasiticus,,,Scarce but regular in summer and on passage. 126,Long-tailed Skua,Stercorarius longicaudus,19/05/2009,Kilcoole,Adult flew south off The Breaches. Another 2 adults were seen flying North past The Breaches on 23rd May 2011. 127,Little Auk,Alle alle,,Kilcoole,Total of 2 seen. 128,Guillemot,Uria aalge,,,Regular offshore throughout the year. 129,Razorbill,Alca torda,,,Regular offshore throughout the year. 130,Black Guillemot,Cepphus grylle,,,Regular offshore throughout the year. 131,Puffin,Fratercula arctica,,,Scarce passage migrant in Spring. One seen from Six-mile-point on 11 Dec 2004. 132,Rock Dove,Columba livia,,,Feral birds. Regular throughout the year. Racing Pigeons often seen flying along the coast. 133,Stock Dove,Columba oenas,,,Uncommon but regularly seen throughout the year. Breeds locally. 134,Woodpigeon,Columba palumbus,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 135,Collared Dove,Streptopelia decaocto,,,Resident breeder along the Sea Roads. 136,Cuckoo,Cuculus canorus,,,Summer breeder. Uncommon but regularly seen. 137,Long-eared Owl,Asio otus,19/07/2012,Newcastle/Kilcoole,Juvenile calling in the trees opposite main entrance to Blackditch ECNR. Adult seen hunting near The Breaches bridge on 17th May 2013. 138,Short-eared Owl,Asio flammeus,,,Winter visitor in small numbers. A few summer records. 139,Alpine Swift,Apus melba,09/04/2006,Blackditch,One came in off the sea at Five-mile-point. 140,Swift,Apus apus,,,Summer visitor & passage migrant. 141,Kingfisher,Alcedo atthis,,,Uncommon resident but regularly seen. 142,Great Spotted Woodpecker,Dendrocopos major,25/06/2012,Blackditch ECNR.,Juvenile. 143,Kestrel,Falco tinnunculus,,,Regular throughout the year. Breeds locally. 144,Merlin,Falco columbarius,,,Scarce but regular in winter. 145,Hobby,Falco subbuteo,,Kilcoole/ECNR,Total of 6 seen. 146,Gyrfalcon,Falco rusticolus,12/11/2000,Kilcoole,White phase 1st-winter hunting. 147,Peregrine,Falco peregrinus,,,Scarce but regular throughout the year. Breeds locally. 148,Jay,Garrulus glandarius,07/11/2011,,Ballygannon Lane. Irregularly seen or heard in Blackditch Wood. 149,Magpie,Pica pica,,,Resident breeder. 150,Jackdaw,Corvus monedula,,,"Resident breeder & winter visitor. "Eastern" race(s) seen." 151,Rook,Corvus frugilegus,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 152,Carrion Crow,Corvus corone,,,Scarce but regular. Pure birds & hybrids seen. 153,Hooded Crow,Corvus cornix,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 154,Raven,Corvus corax,,,Irregularly seen throughout the year. 155,Coal Tit,Periparus ater,,,Resident breeder in Blackditch Wood & along the Sea Roads. 156,Blue Tit,Cyanistes caeruleus,,,Resident breeder in Blackditch Wood & along the Sea Roads. 157,Great Tit,Parus major,,,Resident breeder in Blackditch Wood & along the Sea Roads. 158,Skylark,Alauda arvensis,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 159,Short-toed Lark,Calandrella brachydactyla,10/05/2011,Kilcoole/Newcastle beach,1st county record. 160,Sand Martin,Riparia riparia,,,Summer visitor & passage migrant. 161,Swallow,Hirundo rustica,,,Summer visitor & passage migrant. Breeds locally. 162,House Martin,Delichon urbicum,,,Summer visitor & passage migrant. Breeds locally. 163,Red-rumped Swallow,Cecropis daurica,20/03/2004,Blackditch,One. 164,Long-tailed Tit,Aegithalos caudatus,,,Resident breeder in Blackditch Wood & along the Sea Roads. 165,Willow Warbler,Phylloscopus trochilus,,,Summer breeder & passage migrant. 166,Chiffchaff,Phylloscopus collybita,,,"Summer breeder & passage migrant. A Siberian Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita tristis) was seen, heard singing & heard calling at ECNR on 27th March 2012." 167,Yellow-browed Warbler,Phylloscopus inornatus,04/11/2011,Kilcoole.,One along Ballygannon Lane. 168,Sedge Warbler,Acrocephalus schoenobaenus,,,Regular summer breeder. 169,Reed Warbler,Acrocephalus scirpaceus,,,Uncommon but regular summer breeder. 170,Grasshopper Warbler,Locustella naevia,,,Uncommon summer breeder & passage migrant. 171,Blackcap,Sylvia atricapilla,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 172,Garden Warbler,Sylvia borin,30/04/2011,Newcastle Sea Road.,One in song. 173,Lesser Whitethroat,Sylvia curruca,18/06/2013,Kilcoole,Singing male in Sea Buckthorn 18th-30th June 2013. My 200th patch tick! 174,Whitethroat,Sylvia communis,,,Summer breeder. 175,Goldcrest,Regulus regulus,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 176,Wren,Troglodytes troglodytes,,,Resident breeder. 177,Treecreeper,Certhia familiaris,,,"Irregularly seen at Ballygannon, along Newcastle Sea Road & in Blackditch Wood." 178,Starling,Sturnus vulgaris,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 179,Blackbird,Turdus merula,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 180,Fieldfare,Turdus pilaris,,,Winter visitor. 181,Redwing,Turdus iliacus,,,Winter visitor. 182,Song Thrush,Turdus philomelos,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 183,Mistle Thrush,Turdus viscivorus,,,Resident breeder in Blackditch Wood and along the Sea Roads. 184,Spotted Flycatcher,Muscicapa striata,,Kilcoole/Newcastle.,Old records along Ballygannon lane in Spring. One seen along Newcastle Sea Road on 27th Sept 2013. 185,Robin,Erithacus rubecula,,,Resident breeder. 186,Black Redstart,Phoenicurus ochruros,19/03/2009,Kilcoole,Female/2cy male type at The Breaches 187,Whinchat,Saxicola rubetra,13/08/2013,Kilcoole,Juvenile. 188,Stonechat,Saxicola torquatus,,, 189,Wheatear,Oenanthe oenanthe,,,Regular passage migrant. Race leucorhoa scarce on passage. 190,Dipper,Cinclus cinclus,,Newcastle,Seen on a few occasions on the stream along Newcastle Sea Road. 191,House Sparrow,Passer domesticus,,,Resident breeder along the Sea Roads & in Sea Buckthorn at Kilcoole. 192,Tree Sparrow,Passer montanus,05/03/2014,Newcastle Sea Road,One 193,Dunnock,Prunella modularis,,,Resident breeder. 194,Yellow Wagtail,Motacilla flava,,Kilcoole,Scarce but regular in spring & summer. Occasional breeder. Races flava & flavissima recorded. 195,Grey Wagtail,Motacilla cinerea,,,Resident breeder along Newcastle Sea Road. 196,Pied Wagtail,Motacilla alba,,,Resident breeder (yarellii). Race alba scarce but regular on passage. 197,Tawny Pipit,Anthus campestris,09/06/2010,Six Mile Point,2cy feeding on the beach. 198,Meadow Pipit,Anthus pratensis,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 199,Water Pipit,Anthus spinoletta,26/03/2005,Kilcoole & Blackditch,Total of 4 seen. 200,Rock Pipit,Anthus petrosus,,,Scarce migrant. 201,Chaffinch,Fringilla coelebs,,,Resident breeder in Blackditch Wood & along the Sea Roads. Winter visitor. 202,Brambling,Fringilla montifringilla,,Blackditch,Rare winter visitor. 203,Bullfinch,Pyrrhula pyrrhula,,,Resident breeder in Blackditch Wood & along the Sea Roads. 204,Greenfinch,Chloris chloris,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 205,Linnet,Carduelis cannabina,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 206,Lesser Redpoll,Acanthis cabaret,,,Race cabaret. Breeds in Blackditch Wood. Regular winter visitor & passage migrant. 207,Crossbill,Loxia curvirostra,25/06/2012,Blackditch ECNR.,8+ seen over the wood. 208,Goldfinch,Carduelis carduelis,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 209,Siskin,Carduelis spinus,,,Winter visitor & passage migrant. 210,Yellowhammer,Emberiza citrinella,,,Uncommon breeder & winter visitor along the Sea Roads. 211,Reed Bunting,Emberiza schoeniclus,,,Resident breeder & winter visitor. 212,Lapland Bunting,Calcarius lapponicus,13/09/2010,Kilcoole,One in Webb\'s field on 13th Sept. A flock of 10 present on 23rd Sept. 213,Snow Bunting,Plectrophenax nivalis,,,Scarce but regular in small numbers in winter along the beach.