Martin Ryder: Britain Life List BOU, All records Record(s) 1 to 501 of 501 total. Seq.,Species,Scientific Name,Date,Location,Comments 1,Capercaillie,Tetrao urogallus,28/06/1975,"Rothiemurchus Forest, Invernessshire.",cock and hen. 2,Black Grouse,Lyrurus tetrix,30/06/1974,"Glen Affric, Invernessshire - greyhen self found.","Glyndyfrdwy, Merionethshire 1977 many blackcocks and greyhens." 3,Ptarmigan,Lagopus muta,24/06/1975,"Cairngorm, Invernessshire.",Mountain Hare. 4,Red Grouse,Lagopus lagopus,15/03/1974,"Longmynd, Shropshire.","Glenshee, Perthshire 12.2.2015. Lecht, Cairngorms 25.2.2019." 5,Red-legged Partridge,Alectoris rufa,14/03/1974,"Leighton, Shropshire.", 6,Grey Partridge,Perdix perdix,12/03/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 7,Quail,Coturnix coturnix,23/06/1974,Amble. Nortumberland.,"Introduced Bobwhite Quail Tresco,Isles of Scilly 8.10.1978. Quail - Allscott, Shropshire 1977 date? singing from crop then flew, eight to ten birds involved. Cheswardine, Shropshire 11.7.2010. Venus Pool, Shropshire 15.7.2017 also Norfolk singing. " 8,Pheasant,Phasianus colchicus,12/03/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.","colchicus, torquatus, melanistic, blue and green variants." 9,Golden Pheasant,Chrysolophus pictus,12/02/1977,"Watton, Norfolk male.","Reeves's Pheasant - male Stokesay Court, Shropshire 26.5.2013 Golden pheasant - male also seen around Great Pool, Tresco, Isles of Scilly 1980s and another male Church Stretton, Shropshire 21.5.2014." 10,Lady Amherst's Pheasant,Chrysolophus amherstiae,27/02/1977,"Little Brickhill Woods, Buckinghamshire.",Male seen at close range very early morning. 11,Brent Goose,Branta bernicla,15/12/1975,"Mersea Island, Essex. Dark-bellied large flock. Hayling Island, Hampshire large flock 7.2.1976. Also north Norfolk and East Sussex. Leighton Flats, Shropshire single 22.1.2013. Leighton Flats, Shropshire single 9.12.2020.","Pale-bellied Brent small flock - Holy Island, Northumberland 30.11.1978. Black Brant single - Trimley Marshes, Essex 13.2.1977. Grey-bellied Brant single - Crossens Outer Marsh, Marshside, Southport, Lancashire 1.4.2019." 12,Red-breasted Goose,Branta ruficollis,07/02/1976,"Hayling Island, Hampshire single adult.","Martin Mere, Lancashire 27.12.2003 single adult." 13,Canada Goose,Branta canadensis,15/02/1974,"Ellesmere, Shropshire.","Atlantic Canada Goose Crossens Outer Marsh, Marshside, Southport, Lancashire single 1.4.2019." 14,Barnacle Goose,Branta leucopsis,30/11/1975,"Caerlaverock, Dumfriesshire large flock.","Black Isle, Invernessshire three 24.2.2019." 15,Cackling Goose,Branta hutchinsii,20/10/2005,"Caerlaverock, Dumfriesshire single with Barnacle flock. Richardson's.","Ridgeway's Cackling Goose returning individual Loch Cults, Castle Kennedy, Galloway 11.2.2015 with Pinkfeet, Canada Geese and Greylags." 16,Snow Goose,Anser caerulescens,30/12/1978,"Near Perth, Perthshire. Southport, Lancashire single 28.11.1989. Holkham, Norfolk single date?","Lesser Snow Goose blue variant two near Perth, Perthshire 30.12.1978. Ross's Goose Holkham, Norfolk single 17.10.2002." 17,Greylag Goose,Anser anser,30/11/1975,"Caerlaverock, Dumfriesshire flock.", 18,Taiga Bean Goose,Anser fabalis,15/12/1975,"Buckenham, Norfolk large flock.", 19,Pink-footed Goose,Anser brachyrhynchus,30/11/1975,"Martin Mere, Lancashire large flock. Also north Norfolk.","Loch Cults, Castle Kennedy, Galloway 11.2.2015. Leighton Flats, Shropshire single 6.2.2012. Venus Pool, Shropshire single 26.11.2016. Black Isle, Invernessshire over one hundred 24.2.2019. Polemere, Shropshire two 14.12.2020 and three 4.1.2021 self found." 20,Tundra Bean Goose,Anser serrirostris,18/12/2004,"Whitemoor Haye, Staffordshire small flock.","Priorslee Flash, Shropshire single 3.12.2011. Venus Pool, Shropshire single 2.10.2013. Cranmere Bog, Shropshire six 22.1.2017." 21,White-fronted Goose,Anser albifrons,15/02/1975,"Slimbridge, Gloucestershire. Russian. Large flock. Leighton Flats, Shropshire traditional stopover large flock seen several times late 1970s. Venus Pool. Shropshire two adults 2.2.2013 self found. Polemere, Shropshire two 2.1.2021 self found.","Greenland White-fronted Goose Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire 30.11.1975 flock. Polemere, Shropshire single 4.2.2015. Atcham and Venus Pool, Shropshire single adult 21.2.2019 and 25.3.2019. " 22,Lesser White-fronted Goose,Anser erythropus,27/02/1977,"Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.",Adult. 23,Mute Swan,Cygnus olor,14/02/1974,"Sundorne Pool, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.","Black Swan Cley, Norfolk 22.5.2005 dutch Cat.C import? self found." 24,Bewick's Swan,Cygnus columbianus,15/02/1975,"Slimbridge, Gloucestershire. Chew Valley Lake, Somerset 10.1.1988. Venus Pool, Shropshire six adult two juveniles 26.1.2013. Venus Pool, Shropshire single adult 19.2.2019. Cound, Shropshire single adult 15.3.2021.","Whistling Swan Curry Moor near Taunton, Somerset 4.12.1989." 25,Whooper Swan,Cygnus cygnus,30/12/1974,"Insh Marshes, Invernessshire.","Fairburn Ings, West Yorkshire 28.11.1987. Venus Pool, Shropshire 26.1.2013. Betton Abbots, Shropshire two adults 10.12.2020. " 26,Egyptian Goose,Alopochen aegyptiaca,13/02/1977,Aldburgh. Suffolk.,"Cley, Norfolk date? Cranmere Bog, Shropshire 22.1.2017. Venus Pool, Shropshire pair 13.3.2018 and single 9.4.2019. Polemere, Shropshire pair 22.8.20 and 24.8.2020 and 7.9.2020 and 11.9.2020 " 27,Shelduck,Tadorna tadorna,15/07/1974,"Barmouth, Merionethshire.","Ruddy Shelduck pair Whitton Sands, Faxfleet, Humber Estuary, East Yorkshire 24.9.1978. Three juveniles Cley, Norfolk 2.10.1990 dutch imports? Wood Lane near Ellesmere, Shropshire female 3.5.2021." 28,Mandarin Duck,Aix galericulata,17/05/1975,"Virginia Water, Surrey.","Shugborough, Staffordshire 1.4.2005. Ipswich, Suffolk 21.5.2005. Venus Pool, Shropshire drake 3.6.2012. Venus Pool, Shropshire female 16.7.2019. Polemere, Shropshire several records - female 21.8.2020, eclipse drake and female 7.9.2020, three ducks and three drakes 11.9.2020, drake 31.12.2020. " 29,Baikal Teal,Sibirionetta formosa,24/12/2002,"Dix Pit, Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire - drake.","Nene Washes, Eldernell, Cambridgeshire drake 3.5.2019. Great views of hare that ran in front of car." 30,Garganey,Spatula querquedula,,**********,********** 31,Blue-winged Teal,Spatula discors,01/10/1977,"Tresco, Isles of Scilly.- immature female.","Burton Mere Wetlands, Cheshire drake 20.4.2013.." 32,Shoveler,Spatula clypeata,14/02/1974,"The Dell, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 33,Gadwall,Mareca strepera,29/06/1974,"Loch Leven, Kinrossshire.", 34,Falcated Duck,Mareca falcata,20/01/1988,"Thrapston Gravel Pits, Northamptonshire - drake.","Cley, Norfolk drake 14.5.1988." 35,Wigeon,Mareca penelope,15/02/1974,"Colemere, Shropshire.", 36,American Wigeon,Mareca americana,15/12/1978,"Chew Valley Lake, Somerset - drake.","St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly female 24.10.1985." 37,Mallard,Anas platyrhynchos,14/02/1974,"Sundorne Pool, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 38,Black Duck,Anas rubripes,02/10/1977,"Tresco, Isles of Scilly - female.","Barr Loch, Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire drake 3.2.1990." 39,Pintail,Anas acuta,30/11/1974,"Blithfield Reservoir, Staffordshire.","Marbled Teal - Rutland Water, Rutland 18.6.1990 and Kingsbury Water Park, Staffordshire 15.8.1990 not accepted as vagrants," 40,Teal,Anas crecca,15/02/1974,"Colemere, Shropshire.","Cinnamon Teal Loch Thuaimistear, Siabost, Isle of Lewis 10.6.2004 not accepted as vagrant, Pine marten seen near Ullapool evening before sea crossing." 41,Green-winged Teal,Anas carolinensis,30/12/1978,"Loch Fleet, Sutherland - drake.",Few since. 42,Red-crested Pochard,Netta rufina,30/11/1974,"Belvide Reservoir, Staffordshire.",Few since drake and duck. 43,Canvasback,Aythya valisineria,24/07/2002,"Pennington Flash, Manchester, Lancashire - drake.","Saw Kenfig, Glamorganshire ' Redhead ' 22.9.2002. No longer acceptable. Not proven. Possible hybrid." 44,Pochard,Aythya ferina,15/02/1974,"Ellesmere, Shropshire.", 45,Ferruginous Duck,Aythya nyroca,15/11/1978,"Draycote Water, Warwickshire - immature drake.","Beckford, Worcestershire 7.12.1989 - drake." 46,Ring-necked Duck,Aythya collaris,05/02/1977,"Chew Valley Lake, Somerset.",Many - drake and duck including self found. 47,Tufted Duck,Aythya fuligula,15/02/1974,"Ellesmere, Shropshire.", 48,Scaup,Aythya marila,30/11/1974,"Belvide Reservoir, Staffordshire.", 49,Lesser Scaup,Aythya affinis,20/02/1988,"Corbet Lough, Co.Down - drake. First record for Ireland.","An interesting journey, during troubles, using public transport through ' bandit country ' to see this one. Ironic that years later one should arrive at local reserve just five miles from home! Pennington Flash, Manchester, Lancashire 10.7.2004 drake. Monkmoor Pool, Shrewsbury, Shropshire 11.6.2005 - drake.." 50,Steller's Eider,Polysticta stelleri,19/06/1977,"Vorran Island, South Uist, Outer Hebrides - drake.", 51,King Eider,Somateria spectabilis,12/02/1977,"Loch Ryan, Galloway - drake.","Newburgh, Ythan Estuary, Aberdeenshire 30.1.1990 - drake" 52,Eider,Somateria mollissima,15/07/1974,"Farne Islands, Northumberland.", 53,Harlequin Duck,Histrionicus histrionicus,12/02/2015,"River Don, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire - first-winter drake.",Otter also seen. 54,Surf Scoter,Melanitta perspicillata,06/02/1977,"Kingsbridge Estuary, Devon - female.","Holme, Norfolk 19.6.1988 - drake." 55,Velvet Scoter,Melanitta fusca,21/06/1974,"Aberlady Bay, East Lothian.", 56,White-winged Scoter,Melanitta deglandi,30/06/2016,"Murcar, Aberdeenshire - adult drake.",Second british record. Involved trek across golf course then stiff onshore wind blew up. Took some finding in wave troughs and amongst really large scoter flock. Unable to find drake surf scoter that was also reported. Compensation in form of pleasant ' b and b ' overlooking Stonehaven harbour. Good when it stops and you feel the warm glow of success! 57,Common Scoter,Melanitta nigra,15/09/1974,"Abergele Roads, Denbighshire. ", 58,Black Scoter,Melanitta americana,30/09/2003,"Llanfairfechan, Caernarvonshire - drake.","Llanfairfechan, Caernarvonshire 21.12.2004 - drake." 59,Long-tailed Duck,Clangula hyemalis,28/11/1974,"West Kirby, Wirral, Cheshire.", 60,Bufflehead,Bucephala albeola,26/09/2002,"Layham, Suffolk - female ninth british record.","Whitemoor Hay, Staffordshire 31.5.2004 - drake thirteenth british record." 61,Goldeneye,Bucephala clangula,15/02/1974,"Ellesmere, Shropshire.", 62,Barrow's Goldeneye,Bucephala islandica,14/05/2005,"Ythan Estuary, Aberdeenshire - drake.",Second british record and a great ' catch-up ' bird. Really enjoyed this one. 63,Smew,Mergellus albellus,31/01/1976,"Tatton Park Mere, Cheshire - redhead.",Adult drake and two redheads since. 64,Hooded Merganser,Lophodytes cucullatus,09/10/2016,"Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire - drake.","Good to finally get on the list . Previously seen drake and duck not considered vagrants . Duck at Holme, Norfolk 10.6.1990 was oiled and seemed wild to me." 65,Goosander,Mergus merganser,30/11/1974,"Blithfield Reservoir, Staffordshire.", 66,Red-breasted Merganser,Mergus serrator,25/06/1974,"Culbin Forest, Morayshire.",One of my most vivid memories. A small party unaware of my concealed presence in this wild place. I particularly remember the red iris in a dark green head of the drakes. Wonderful! Almost primeval. 67,Ruddy Duck,Oxyura jamaicensis,15/08/1974,"Bronington Mere, Flintshire.","White-headed duck - Hardley flood, Norfolk 5.8.2002 - drake. Not accepted as vagrant." 68,Common Nighthawk,Chordeiles minor,12/10/1981,"St. Marys, Isles of Scilly.",I remember the cheer emitted by the assembled expectant crowd that had gathered at dusk. Glorious! 69,Nightjar,Caprimulgus europaeus,18/05/1975,"New Forest, Hampshire.",Had dreamt of seeing one of these at dusk. Didn't disappoint. Atmospheric. 70,White-throated Needletail,Hirundapus caudacutus,07/06/1988,"Hoy, Orkney.","Equal first best british bird. Travelled alone. Only one other birder present. Setting Malsetter House, one of the finest on Orkney, . Found it difficult to leave!" 71,Alpine Swift,Tachymarptis melba,06/04/1985,"Cromer, Norfolk.", 72,Swift,Apus apus,15/05/1974,"Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 73,Pallid Swift,Apus pallidus,18/10/2013,"Hartlepool Headland, Durham - juvenile.", 74,Little Swift,Apus affinis,23/06/2012,"New Brighton, Wirral, Cheshire - juvenile.", 75,Little Bustard,Tetrax tetrax,24/06/2019,"Slimbridge, Gloucestershire - male.", 76,Great Spotted Cuckoo,Clamator glandarius,21/03/1990,"Dawlish Warren, Devon.", 77,Yellow-billed Cuckoo,Coccyzus americanus,12/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly."," Tresco, Isles of Scilly 13.10.1985." 78,Black-billed Cuckoo,Coccyzus erythropthalmus,12/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 79,Cuckoo,Cuculus canorus,14/05/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.",Rare ' hepatic ' rufous variant female Chelmarsh reservoir scrape 4.6.2012 self found. 80,Pallas's Sandgrouse,Syrrhaptes paradoxus,22/05/1990,"Loch of Spiggie, Mainland, Shetland.", 81,Rock Dove,Columba livia,26/06/1975,"Handa Island, Sutherland.", 82,Stock Dove,Columba oenas,12/03/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 83,Woodpigeon,Columba palumbus,12/03/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 84,Turtle Dove,Streptopelia turtur,14/07/1974,"Llanymynech, Shropshire.", 85,Oriental Turtle Dove,Streptopelia orientalis,02/05/2016,"Otford, Kent - juvenile.",Western Rufous Turtle Dove S.o.meena. 86,Collared Dove,Streptopelia decaocto,12/03/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 87,Mourning Dove,Zenaida macroura,02/11/2013,"Kinloch, Isle of Rum, Inner Hebrides.", 88,Water Rail,Rallus aquaticus,22/09/1974,"Cley, Norfolk.", 89,Corncrake,Crex crex,26/06/1975,"Sheigra, Sutherland.", 90,Sora,Porzana carolina,13/12/2004,"Attenborough, Nottinghamshire.", 91,Spotted Crake,Porzana porzana,30/09/1977,"Tresco, Isles of Scilly.","Porthellick, St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly date? Encounter with Bill Oddie along footpath." 92,Western Swamphen,Porphyrio porphyrio,01/08/2016,"Minsmere, Suffolk.", 93,Moorhen,Gallinula chloropus,14/02/1974,"Sundorne Pool, Shrewsbury, Shropshire..", 94,Coot,Fulica atra,14/02/1974,"Sundorne Pool, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 95,American Coot,Fulica americana,11/12/2003,"Loch of Clickimin, Lerwick, Mainland, Shetland.", 96,Baillon's Crake,Zapornia pusilla,18/05/1989,"Mowbray Park, Sunderland, County Durham.", 97,Little Crake,Zapornia parva,03/11/2004,"Marazion Marsh, Cornwall - juvenile.", 98,Crane,Grus grus,01/05/1988,"Waxham, Norfolk."," Juvenile West Learmouth, Northumberland 25.2.2019. Sixteen Crane in flight and calling Nene Washes, Eldernell, Cambridgeshire 3.5.2019." 99,Little Grebe,Tachybaptus ruficollis,08/04/1974,"Sundorne pool, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 100,Pied-billed Grebe,Podilymbus podiceps,02/05/1977,"Gouthwaite Reservoir near Harrogate, North Yorkshire - adult."," Chelmarsh Reservoir, Shropshire 27.11.2020." 101,Red-necked Grebe,Podiceps grisegena,01/05/1977,"Wintersett Reservoir, West Yorkshire."," Horton, Surrey 20.3.1990 - adult summer. Venus Pool 12.11.2019." 102,Great Crested Grebe,Podiceps cristatus,14/02/1974,"The Dell, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 103,Slavonian Grebe,Podiceps auritus,25/06/1975,"Loch Ruthven, Invernessshire.", 104,Black-necked Grebe,Podiceps nigricollis,01/07/1975,"Loch Kilconquhar, Fifeshire.", 105,Stone-curlew,Burhinus oedicnemus,10/06/1974,"Weeting Heath, Norfolk.", 106,Oystercatcher,Haematopus ostralegus,15/07/1974,"Barmouth, Merionethhire.", 107,Black-winged Stilt,Himantopus himantopus,08/06/1988,"Willen Lake, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire - first summer pair..","Tresco, Isles of Scilly 8.4.1990 - adult." 108,Avocet,Recurvirostra avosetta,11/06/1974,"Minsmere, Suffolk.", 109,Lapwing,Vanellus vanellus,12/03/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 110,Sociable Plover,Vanellus gregarius,04/09/1977,"Welney, Norfolk.", 111,White-tailed Plover,Vanellus leucurus,17/06/2007,"Leighton Moss, Lancashire - adult.", 112,Golden Plover,Pluvialis apricaria,12/04/1974,"Longmynd, Shropshire.", 113,Pacific Golden Plover,Pluvialis fulva,26/07/1989,"Thornham Creek, Norfolk.", 114,American Golden Plover,Pluvialis dominica,25/10/1978,"St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly.", 115,Grey Plover,Pluvialis squatarola,22/09/1974,"Terrington Marsh, Norfolk.", 116,Ringed Plover,Charadrius hiaticula,30/03/1974,"Worms Head, Glamorganshire.", 117,Semipalmated Plover,Charadrius semipalmatus,13/10/1978,"St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly.", 118,Little Ringed Plover,Charadrius dubius,20/05/1974,"Sandbach, Cheshire.", 119,Kentish Plover,Charadrius alexandrinus,19/09/1974,"Hilbre Island, Wirral, Cheshire self found.","Cley, Norfolk pair." 120,Lesser Sand Plover,Charadrius mongolus,24/07/2003,"Keyhaven Marshes, Hampshire - male.",C.m.mongolus. 121,Greater Sand Plover,Charadrius leschenaultii,15/12/1978,"Sidlesham Ferry, West Sussex.","South Walney, Lancashire 24.7.1988." 122,Dotterel,Charadrius morinellus,24/06/1975,"Cairngorm, Invernessshire.","Pendle Hill, Clitheroe, Lancashire 30.4.1990. Longmynd, Shropshire 17.4.2014 and 2.5.2019." 123,Upland Sandpiper,Bartramia longicauda,12/10/1990,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 124,Eurasian Whimbrel,Numenius phaeopus,28/06/1974,"Near Clydebank, Renfrewshire.", 125,Hudsonian Whimbrel,Numenius hudsonicus,19/06/2007,"Biggar, Walney Island, Lancshire.", 126,Little Whimbrel,Numenius minutus,25/08/1985,"Cley, Norfolk.", 127,Curlew,Numenius arquata,08/04/1974,"The Dell, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 128,Bar-tailed Godwit,Limosa lapponica,30/03/1974,"Worms Head, Glamorganshire.", 129,Black-tailed Godwit,Limosa limosa,22/07/1974,"Cley, Norfolk.", 130,Hudsonian Godwit,Limosa haemastica,25/04/2015,"Meare Heath, Somerset adult female.", 131,Turnstone,Arenaria interpres,15/07/1974,"Caernarvon, Caernarvonshire.", 132,Great Knot,Calidris tenuirostris,17/08/2004,"Skippool Creek, River Wyre near Poulton le Fylde, Lancashire - adult.", 133,Knot,Calidris canutus,22/09/1974,"Snettisham, Norfolk.", 134,Ruff,Calidris pugnax,22/09/1974,"Cley, Norfolk.", 135,Broad-billed Sandpiper,Calidris falcinellus,16/07/1988,"Blacktoft Sands, West Yorkshire.","Cley, Norfolk 5.8.2002 - two juveniles." 136,Stilt Sandpiper,Calidris himantopus,04/07/1989,"Sandfield Pond, Catwick near Beverley, East Yorkshire.", 137,Curlew Sandpiper,Calidris ferruginea,09/06/1974,"Wisbech Sewage Farm, Cambridgeshire.", 138,Temminck's Stint,Calidris temminckii,04/09/1977,"Cley, Norfolk.","Titchwell, Norfolk." 139,Sanderling,Calidris alba,22/09/1974,"Snettisham, Norfolk.", 140,Dunlin,Calidris alpina,30/03/1974,"Worms Head, Glamorganshire.", 141,Purple Sandpiper,Calidris maritima,28/11/1974,"Hilbre Island, Wirral, Cheshire.", 142,Baird's Sandpiper,Calidris bairdii,08/10/1977,"Tresco, Isles of Scilly.", 143,Little Stint,Calidris minuta,22/09/1974,"Cley, Norfolk.", 144,Least Sandpiper,Calidris minutilla,14/08/1988,"Upton Warren, Worcestershire.", 145,White-rumped Sandpiper,Calidris fuscicollis,23/10/1978,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly - immature.", 146,Buff-breasted Sandpiper,Calidris subruficollis,28/09/1977,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 147,Pectoral Sandpiper,Calidris melanotos,15/04/1977,"Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk.","Fairburn Ings, West Yorkshire 20.9.1989. Venus Pool, Shropshire. Hayle. Cornwall." 148,Semipalmated Sandpiper,Calidris pusilla,09/05/1989,"Saltholme Pool, Billingham, County Durham.", 149,Western Sandpiper,Calidris mauri,30/09/2004,"Brownsea Island, Dorset - juvenile.", 150,Long-billed Dowitcher,Limnodromus scolopaceus,01/10/1977,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 151,Short-billed Dowitcher,Limnodromus griseus,06/09/2012,"Lodmoor, Dorset. - juvenile.", 152,Woodcock,Scolopax rusticola,15/06/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.", 153,Jack Snipe,Lymnocryptes minimus,30/11/1974,"Belvide Reservoir, Staffordshire.", 154,Great Snipe,Gallinago media,16/09/2013,"Beacon Lane, Kilnsea, East Yorkshire - first winter,", 155,Snipe,Gallinago gallinago,09/04/1974,"Venus Pool, Cross Houses, Shropshire.", 156,Terek Sandpiper,Xenus cinereus,16/07/1988,"Stanpit Marsh, Dorset.","North Blyth, Northumberland 14.1.1990 - adult. Cemlyn Bay, Anglesey 22.6.2005." 157,Wilson's Phalarope,Phalaropus tricolor,08/06/1977,"Manea, Ouse Washes, Cambridgeshire.","Tresco, Isles of Scilly 5.9.1977 self found." 158,Red-necked Phalarope,Phalaropus lobatus,20/06/1977,"Balranald, North Uist, Outer Hebrides.","Fetlar, Shetland 7.7.1989." 159,Grey Phalarope,Phalaropus fulicarius,06/03/1977,"Filey Brigg, Filey, North Yorkshire.","South Uist, Outer Hebrides 8.9.1990. Gailey Reservoir, Staffordshire 30.10.2002. Gwithian Towans near Hayle, Cornwall 2.9.2019." 160,Common Sandpiper,Actitis hypoleucos,30/06/1974,"Glen Affric, Invernessshire.", 161,Spotted Sandpiper,Actitis macularius,08/10/1978,"Tresco, Isles of Scilly juvenile.","Elland Gravel Pits, West Yorkshire 5.6.1990 adult." 162,Green Sandpiper,Tringa ochropus,22/09/1974,"Holme, Norfolk.", 163,Solitary Sandpiper,Tringa solitaria,10/09/1988,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly juvenile.", 164,Lesser Yellowlegs,Tringa flavipes,22/10/1988,"Nene Washes, Cambridgeshire juvenile.","Exminster Marshes 23,5.2003." 165,Redshank,Tringa totanus,15/07/1974,"Barmouth, Merionethshire.", 166,Marsh Sandpiper,Tringa stagnatilis,02/07/1990,"Sidlesham Ferry, West Sussex 2.7.1990 adult.", 167,Wood Sandpiper,Tringa glareola,20/05/1977,"Cley, Norfolk.", 168,Spotted Redshank,Tringa erythropus,22/09/1974,"Terrington Marsh, Norfolk.", 169,Greenshank,Tringa nebularia,22/09/1974,"Cley, Norfolk.", 170,Greater Yellowlegs,Tringa melanoleuca,17/05/2015,"Titchfield Haven, Hampshire.", 171,Cream-coloured Courser,Cursorius cursor,01/10/2004,"St.Martin's, Isles of Scilly.", 172,Collared Pratincole,Glareola pratincola,28/10/1978,"Martin Mere, Lancashire.","Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire then Cley, Norfolk 28.5.2005 adult." 173,Oriental Pratincole,Glareola maldivarum,02/10/1988,"Elmley Marshes, Kent adult.", 174,Black-winged Pratincole,Glareola nordmanni,12/06/1988,"Yeo Estuary near Clevedon, Somerset.", 175,Kittiwake,Rissa tridactyla,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 176,Ivory Gull,Pagophila eburnea,30/11/1978,"Bangor, County Down first winter.","Stevenston beach, Ayrshire adult 11.2.2019." 177,Sabine's Gull,Xema sabini,30/09/1978,"New Brighton, Wirral adult.",Isles of Scilly pelagics 31.7.1988 and 25.8.2002 adults. 178,Bonaparte's Gull,Chroicocephalus philadelphia,11/09/1977,"Billingham, County Durham first summer.","Kenilworth, Warwickshire 18.3.1990 first winter." 179,Black-headed Gull,Chroicocephalus ridibundus,15/02/1974,"Ellesmere, Shropshire.", 180,Little Gull,Hydrocoloeus minutus,20/06/1975,"Minsmere, Suffolk.", 181,Ross's Gull,Rhodostethia rosea,12/03/1988,"Poldhu Cove, Mullion, The Lizard, Cornwall first winter.",Worth every mile of the long drive. 182,Laughing Gull,Leucophaeus atricilla,04/09/1988,"Burnham on Sea, Somerset second winter. Finally! Many misses now forgotten!","New Brighton, Wirral, Cheshire first winter 13.2.2015. Excellent views of an obliging bird." 183,Franklin's Gull,Leucophaeus pipixcan,18/08/2002,"Farmoor Reservoir, Oxfordshire adult.","Chasewater Reservoir, Staffordshire adult 17.7.2010." 184,Audouin's Gull,Ichthyaetus audouinii,06/05/2003,"Dungeness , Kent second summer.",First British record. Long overnight drive but great to be ' in ' on the first one! 185,Mediterranean Gull,Ichthyaetus melanocephalus,01/05/1976,"Scarborough, North Yorkshire.", 186,Common Gull,Larus canus,29/06/1974,"Near Forres, Nairnshire.", 187,Ring-billed Gull,Larus delawarensis,12/04/1982,"Radipole, Dorset adult.","Chew Valley Lake, Somerset 10.1.1988. Hayle, Cornwall adult 16.11.1989. Chew Valley Lake 5.12.1989. St. Mary's , Isles of Scilly adult 24.10.1990. Ellesmere, Shropshire second winter 22.2.2018." 188,Great Black-backed Gull,Larus marinus,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 189,Glaucous Gull,Larus hyperboreus,22/09/1974,"Weybourne, Norfolk first winter.","Cley, Norfolk adult 21.11.1989. Salthouse, Norfolk first winter 7.1.1990. Priorslee Lake, Shropshire 4.2.2012 first winter." 190,Iceland Gull,Larus glaucoides,,**********,********** 191,Herring Gull,Larus argentatus,22/03/1974,"Barmouth, Merionethshire.","Scandinavian Herring Gull Shrewsbury, Shropshire 5.12.2002. Priorslee Lake, Shropshire 4.2.2012." 192,American Herring Gull,Larus smithsonianus,31/03/2021,"Newlyn, Cornwall first winter.", 193,Caspian Gull,Larus cachinnans,09/11/2002,"Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire.","Priorslee Lake, Shropshire adult 4.2.2012. Priorslee Lake, Shropshire first winter 8.11.2019. Priorslee Lake, Shropshire adult and second calendar year 12.12.2020." 194,Yellow-legged Gull,Larus michahellis,15/01/1983,"Rye, East Sussex adult.","Radipole, Dorset adult 12.9.1989. Priorslee Lake, Shropshire adult 4.2.2012. Ellesmere, Shropshire adult 22.2.2018." 195,Lesser Black-backed Gull,Larus fuscus,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 196,Gull-billed Tern,Gelochelidon nilotica,03/09/2002,"Drift Reservoir near Penzance, Cornwall.", 197,Caspian Tern,Hydroprogne caspia,08/05/1988,"Winthorpe near Newark, Nottinghamshire.", 198,Royal Tern,Thalasseus maximus,11/12/2018,"Traeth Lligwy near Amlwch, Anglesey third winter.", 199,Lesser Crested Tern,Thalasseus bengalensis,18/06/1989,"Brownsman Island, Farne Islands, Northumberland adult female.", 200,Sandwich Tern,Thalasseus sandvicensis,21/06/1975,"Aberlady Bay, East Lothian.", 201,Elegant Tern,Thalasseus elegans,10/06/2017,"Pagham Harbour, West Sussex adult male.", 202,Little Tern,Sternula albifrons,21/06/1975,"Aberlady Bay, East Lothian.", 203,Least Tern,Sternula antillarum,09/06/1990,"Rye, East Sussex.", 204,Bridled Tern,Onychoprion anaethetus,03/07/1988,"Cemlyn Bay, Anglesey.", 205,Sooty Tern,Onychoprion fuscatus,08/07/2005,"The Skerries off Carmel Head, Anglesey.", 206,Roseate Tern,Sterna dougallii,17/05/1977,"Dungeness, Kent.", 207,Common Tern,Sterna hirundo,15/07/1974,"Farne Islands, Northumberland.", 208,Arctic Tern,Sterna paradisaea,15/07/1974,"Farne Islands, Northumberland.", 209,Forster's Tern,Sterna forsteri,20/01/1988,"Penrhos, Holyhead, Anglesey adult.", 210,Whiskered Tern,Chlidonias hybrida,27/09/1976,"Cheddar Reservoir, Somerset adult.", 211,White-winged Black Tern,Chlidonias leucopterus,08/06/1977,"Cley, Norfolk.","Ellesmere, Shropshire 13.10.2015 juvenile." 212,Black Tern,Chlidonias niger,14/09/1974,"Ellesmere, Shropshire.","American Black Tern Eccleston Mere, St.Helens, Lancashire 2.9.2012 5th british record." 213,Great Skua,Stercorarius skua,26/06/1975,"Handa Island, Sutherland.", 214,Pomarine Skua,Stercorarius pomarinus,24/09/1977,"Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire.","Many more since from Flamborough Head. Close views of pale phase adult Pomarine showing ' spoons ' flying inland at Easington, East Yorkshire 10.10.2004." 215,Arctic Skua,Stercorarius parasiticus,22/09/1974,"Cley, Norfolk.", 216,Long-tailed Skua,Stercorarius longicaudus,23/09/1977,"Cley, Norfolk juvenile.","Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire adult 17.9.1988. Leeds, West Yorkshire juvenile 25.9.1989." 217,Little Auk,Alle alle,30/11/1978,"Budle Bay, Northumberland.","Cley, Norfolk." 218,Brunnich's Guillemot,Uria lomvia,06/07/1989,"Sumburgh Head, Mainland, Shetland.", 219,Common Guillemot,Uria aalge,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.","Bridled Guillemot Handa Island, Sutherland 26.6.1975." 220,Razorbill,Alca torda,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 221,Black Guillemot,Cepphus grylle,23/06/1974,"Portpatrick, Galloway summer plumage. ", 222,Ancient Murrelet,Synthliboramphus antiquus,30/05/1990,"Jenny's Cove, Lundy adult.", 223,Puffin,Fratercula arctica,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 224,Red-throated Diver,Gavia stellata,25/06/1975,"Loch Shin, Sutherland.", 225,Black-throated Diver,Gavia arctica,25/06/1975,"Loch Shin, Sutherland.", 226,Pacific Diver,Gavia pacifica,24/11/2013,"Gerrans Bay off Pendower Beach, Cornwall adult.", 227,Great Northern Diver,Gavia immer,28/12/1974,"Chew Valley Lake, Somerset.", 228,White-billed Diver,Gavia adamsii,14/02/1988,"St.Ives, Cornwali adult.", 229,Wilson's Petrel,Oceanites oceanicus,31/07/1988,From MV Scillonian pelagic 28 miles south of Isles of Scilly., 230,Black-browed Albatross,Thalassarche melanophris,27/10/1978,"From MV Scillonian St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly to Penzance, Cornwall sea crossing sat on the sea at close range amongst many gannets and then flew. Self found and seen from back of ship by many birders.", 231,Storm Petrel,Hydrobates pelagicus,18/06/1977,"From ferry Uig, Isle of Skye to Lochmaddy, North Uist, Outer Hebrides.","Cley, Norfolk 23.9.1977. From MV Scillonian pelagic 28 miles south of Isles of Scilly 31.7.1988. From MV Scillonian pelagic south of Isles of Scilly 25.8.2002. Also other times from MV Scillonian Penzance, Cornwall to St. Mary's Isles of Scilly sea crossing." 232,Leach's Petrel,Oceanodroma leucorhoa,23/09/1977,"Cley, Norfolk.","New Brighton, The Wirral, Cheshire many during very strong northerly some blown inland 30.9.1978." 233,Fulmar,Fulmarus glacialis,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 234,Cory's Shearwater,Calonectris borealis,01/09/1977,St.George's Channel from Fishguard to Rosslare ferry.,From MV Scillonian pelagic 28 miles south of Isles of Scilly 31.7.1988. 235,Sooty Shearwater,Ardenna grisea,24/09/1977,"Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire.",From MV Scillonian pelagic 28 miles south of Isles of Scilly 31.7.1988. 236,Great Shearwater,Ardenna gravis,25/08/2002,From MV Scillonian pelagic 25 miles south of Isles of Scilly many., 237,Manx Shearwater,Puffinus puffinus,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 238,Balearic Shearwater,Puffinus mauretanicus,30/04/1977,"Portland, Dorset.",From MV Scillonian pelagic south of Isles of Scilly 25.8.2002. 239,Black Stork,Ciconia nigra,15/04/1988,"East Allington, Devon adult.", 240,White Stork,Ciconia ciconia,07/02/1977,"Moreton, Dorset.", 241,Gannet,Morus bassanus,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 242,Brown Booby,Sula leucogaster,02/09/2019,"Kynance Cove, The Lizard, Cornwall first summer.", 243,Cormorant,Phalacrocorax carbo,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 244,Shag,Phalacrocorax aristotelis,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 245,Double-crested Cormorant,Phalacrocorax auritus,05/02/1989,"Charlton's Pond, Billingham, County Durham.",First and only British record. 246,Glossy Ibis,Plegadis falcinellus,22/05/1977,"Stodmarsh, Kent.","Fairburn Ings, West Yorkshire 26.6.1989 adult. Bowling Green Marsh, Topsham, Devon 23.5.2003. Stokesay Castle, Shropshire 6.10.2013. Venus Pool, Shropshire 19.3.2016 self found." 247,Spoonbill,Platalea leucorodia,20/05/1977,"Cley, Norfolk.","Stodmarsh, Kent adult 22.5.1977 self found. Cley, Norfolk 30.4.1988.Malltraeth, Anglesey juvenile 6.10.1989. Venus Pool, Shropshire 1.10.2013 and others." 248,Bittern,Botaurus stellaris,13/02/1977,"Minsmere, Suffolk.","Pugneys Country Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire 13.1.1990. Leighton Moss, Lancashire. Cley, Norfolk 28.5.2005. Coed -y-Dinas, Welshpool 4.2.2015." 249,American Bittern,Botaurus lentiginosus,15/02/1991,"Marton Mere, Lancashire adult.", 250,Little Bittern,Ixobrychus minutus,02/04/1988,"Oreham Common, Woodmancote, West Sussex adult male.","Chelmarsh Reservoir, Shropshire adult male." 251,Night-heron,Nycticorax nycticorax,14/02/1976,"Burghfield near Reading, Berkshire juvenile.","St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly juvenile 18.10.1985. St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly adult 7.4.1990. Another adult West Yorkshire. Sheepwash Urban Park, Sandwell, Staffordshire adult 21.8.2004. American Night Heron N.n. hoactli Venus Pool, Shropshire adult 4.4.2017 then subsequently The Dingle, Shrewsbury, Shropshire." 252,Green Heron,Butorides virescens,08/11/2005,"Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey.",Fifth British record. Very wet. Bad weather drove us indoors to local pub for a hot meal and celebration. 253,Squacco Heron,Ardeola ralloides,07/04/1990,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly adult.","Blithfield Reservoir, Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire adult 31.5.2004." 254,Cattle Egret,Bubulcus ibis,11/04/1993,"Egleton, Rutland Water, Rutland adult.","Venus Pool, Shropshire 26.10.2017. Stiffkey, Norfolk .6.2018. Ellesmere Marina, Shropshire adult 16.4.2019. Church Farm, Grimley, Worcestershire 4.4.2021." 255,Grey Heron,Ardea cinerea,15/02/1974,"Ellesmere, Shropshire.", 256,Great Blue Heron,Ardea herodias,22/04/2015,"Great Pool, Bryher from Hell Bay Hotel first winter.",Second British record. Only a handful of MV Scillonian birders got it that day. Last seen on St.Mary's previous day but felt taking the only boat to Tresco would be the best bet and it was refound on Bryher! Paid the local post boat to take us across as tide in and couldn't walk. 257,Purple Heron,Ardea purpurea,04/04/1988,"Margam Moors, Glamorganshire.","Bere Ferrers, Devon adult 11.4.1990. Cley, Norfolk 28.5.2005." 258,Great White Egret,Ardea alba,18/06/1988,"Egleton, Rutland Water, Rutland.","Tittenley pool near Adderley, Shropshire 13.10.2013. Venus Pool, Shropshire 26.9.2017. Meare Heath, Somerset 25.4.2015 also at Coed-y-Dinas, Welshpool,, Montgomeryshire." 259,Snowy Egret,Egretta thula,06/09/2002,"Caerlaverock, Dumfriessshire.",First and only record of this species in Britain. 260,Little Egret,Egretta garzetta,30/01/1988,"Poole Harbour, Dorset.","Greater Flamingo juvenile - Elmley Marshes, Kent 7.11.1990." 261,Dalmatian Pelican,Pelecanus crispus,,**********,********** 262,Osprey,Pandion haliaetus,,**********,********** 263,Honey-buzzard,Pernis apivorus,09/06/1977,"Aylmerton, North Norfolk.","Portland, Dorset seen from observatory on migration date?. Morden Bog, Dorset wing -clapping display flight 1.6.2014." 264,Short-toed Eagle,Circaetus gallicus,,**********,********** 265,Golden Eagle,Aquila chrysaetos,27/06/1975,"Lairg, Sutherland juvenile.","Pair Hawes Water, Westmorland from RSPB hide. Pair near Lochmaddy, North Uist, Outer Hebrides after abortive Long-toed Stint twitch 9.9.1990. Three around upper slopes of Orval 571 metres from track leading from Kinloch, Rum day following Mourning Dove twitch 3.11.2013" 266,Sparrowhawk,Accipiter nisus,02/07/1974,"Annscroft, Shropshire.", 267,Goshawk,Accipiter gentilis,16/04/1976,"Howden Reservoir, Derbyshire.",Few since adults and juvenile self found. 268,Marsh Harrier,Circus aeruginosus,20/06/1975,"Minsmere, Suffolk.","Seen many times Cley, Norfolk. Stiffkey, Norfolk 3.6.2018 Whixall Moss, Shropshire being mobbed by calling raven 18.4.2019." 269,Hen Harrier,Circus cyaneus,16/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire."," Earlier record The Dell near Shrewsbury, Shropshire date unknown. Inverpolly, Ross and Cromarty adult male 7.5.1985. Dunsop Bridge, Forest of Bowland, Lancashire adult male 19.6.2007. Venus Pool, Shropshire ringtail 21.2.2015." 270,Northern Harrier,Circus hudsonius,24/10/2013,"Welches Dam, Ouse Washes, Cambridgeshire juvenile female.",Sixth british record. 271,Pallid Harrier,Circus macrourus,12/08/2002,"ElmleyMarshes, Kent third calendar year male.",Twelvth british record. 272,Montagu's Harrier,Circus pygargus,09/06/1974,"Wisbech Sewage Farm, Cambridgeshire.",Four others all Norfolk. 273,Red Kite,Milvus milvus,02/06/1974,"Near Newcastle Emlyn, Cardiganshire before reintroduction projects.", 274,Black Kite,Milvus migrans,08/05/1983,"Dungeness, Kent","Titchfield Haven, Hampshire 17.5.2015 . Pauline found I identified. Good teamwork and a great end to a successful Greater Yellowlegs twitch." 275,White-tailed Eagle,Haliaeetus albicilla,13/11/1990,"Hickling, Norfolk juvenile before reintroduction project.","Kinloch, Isle of Rum juvenile 2.11.2013 a nice addition to successful Mourning Dove twitch." 276,Rough-legged Buzzard,Buteo lagopus,02/01/1975,"Minsmere, Suffolk.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 10.1990." 277,Buzzard,Buteo buteo,08/04/1974,"Near Clun, Shropshire.", 278,Barn Owl,Tyto alba,06/08/1974,"Cressage, Shropshire.", 279,Scops Owl,Otus scops,09/06/2004,"Loch of Strathbeg, Aberdeenshire.", 280,Snowy Owl,Bubo scandiacus,07/07/1989,"Fetlar, Shetland female.", 281,Tawny Owl,Strix aluco,07/07/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 282,Little Owl,Athene noctua,12/05/1974,"Albrighton near Shrewsbury, Shropshire.","Several others including pair Elmley Marshes, Kent 12.8.2002." 283,Tengmalm's Owl,Aegolius funereus,,**********,********** 284,Long-eared Owl,Asio otus,27/12/1975,"Sudbury, Suffolk.","Rainham, Essex several in communal roost 7.3.1990. Elmley Marshes, Kent several in communal roost 12.8.2002. Venus Pool, Shropshire 19.8.2004 self found." 285,Short-eared Owl,Asio flammeus,15/09/1973,"Pair near Rothbury, Northumberland.","First record Sundorne Pool, Shrewsbury, Shropshire roosting in reedbed late 1950s. Vivid memories of pair hunting during stay on Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire 16.4.1974. Filey North Cliff, East Yorkshire 28.11.1987." 286,Hoopoe,Upupa epops,20/03/1977,"Chickerell, Dorset.","West Runton, Norfolk 15.9.1989. Porthgwarra, Cornwall 10.4.1990. Abbotsbury, Dorset 1990.. The Marsh, Much Wenlock, Shropshire 7.5.2005." 287,Roller,Coracias garrulus,10/06/1989,"Shapwick Heath, Somerset.", 288,Kingfisher,Alcedo atthis,14/02/1974,"Sundorne Pool, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 289,Belted Kingfisher,Megaceryle alcyon,01/04/2005,"Tixall, Staffordshire first summer male third british record.","In Newport, Shropshire when call came through. Could not have been handier. Almost half way there already! Great views!" 290,Blue-cheeked Bee-eater,Merops persicus,09/07/1989,"Cowden, East Yorkshire.",Another big bonus. Travelling home from Aberdeen after twitching Brunnich's Guillemot news broke and was able to divert. Then unbelievably on to Norfolk for River Warbler. Purple patch! 291,Bee-eater,Merops apiaster,13/10/1985,"Tresco, Isles of Scilly.","Breeding pair Bishop Middleham, County Durham 30.7.2002. Pair Hampton Bishop near Hereford 26.7.2005. Condover, Shropshire 29.4.2013." 292,Wryneck,Jynx torquilla,18/09/1977,"Benacre, Suffolk.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 15.10.1988. St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 9.4.1990 self found. Codsall, Staffordshire 27.8.2002." 293,Lesser Spotted Woodpecker,Dryobates minor,15/05/1974,"Old River Bed, Shrewsbury, Shropshire self found.","Fairburn Ings, West Yorkshire self found 19.9.1989. Melverley, Shropshire self found 26.12.2020. Venus Pool, Shropshire self found 10.4.2021." 294,Great Spotted Woodpecker,Dendrocopos major,14/05/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire 5.1974.", 295,Green Woodpecker,Picus viridis,12/03/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 296,Kestrel,Falco tinnunculus,15/03/1974,"Longmynd, Shropshire.", 297,Red-footed Falcon,Falco vespertinus,16/05/1988,"Croft Pascoe, Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall female.","Seal Sands, Seaton Carew, County Durham 16.5.1988 male." 298,Merlin,Falco columbarius,22/05/1974,"Longmynd, Shropshire.","Pair Mid - Wales. Venus Pool, Shropshire. Shrawardine, Shropshire. Near Black Tor, Crowden, Derbyshire male 30.8.2020." 299,Hobby,Falco subbuteo,20/05/1975,"New Forest, Hampshire.","Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall 16.5.1988. Whixall Moss, Shropshire. Venus Pool, Shropshire 13.5.2013. New Forest, Hampshire 13.6.2015. Exmouth, Devon 31.3.2021." 300,Peregrine,Falco peregrinus,03/05/1975,"Tan - y - Pistyll, Montgomeryshire", 301,Ring-necked Parakeet,Psittacula krameri,09/01/1988,"Shepperton Lock, Middlesex many.","Monk Parakeet Dungeness, Kent 6.5.2003. Ring-necked Parakeet Chelmarsh Reservoir, Shropshire 21.12.2013." 302,Brown Shrike,Lanius cristatus,21/10/2018,"Weybourne Camp, Norfolk juvenile.","Johnny Brown's Common, South Kirkby, West Yorkshire 20.10.2020 adult." 303,Red-backed Shrike,Lanius collurio,08/06/1977,"Walberswick and Hinton Sand Pits, Suffolk.","Portland, Dorset date? St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 9.10.1988. St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly 17.10.1988.Flamborough, East Yorkshire 24.9.1989. Santon Downham, Norfolk 10.6.1990." 304,Daurian Shrike,Lanius isabellinus,22/10/1988,"Durlston Head, Dorset.", 305,Lesser Grey Shrike,Lanius minor,20/08/1989,"Great Wakering near Southend - on - Sea, Essex male.","Rudston, East Yorkshire 16.9.1989 first winter." 306,Great Grey Shrike,Lanius excubitor,31/12/1974,"Near Kingussie, Invernessshire self found. Memorable . On telephone wires in snowscape.","Steppe Grey Shrike L.m.pallidirostris Wall Farm, Kynnersley, Shropshire 4.11.2011. Great Grey Shrike . Beeston Bump, Sheringham, Norfolk 6.4.1985. Normanton, West Yorkshire 2.8.1990. Great Woolascott near Bomere Heath 12.2004. Black Hill, Clun 10.2012." 307,Woodchat Shrike,Lanius senator,08/06/1977,"Minsmere, Suffolk.","Prawle, Devon adult 21.3.1990. Morvah, Cornwall 10.4.1990." 308,Masked Shrike,Lanius nubicus,31/10/2004,"Kilrenny near Anstruther, Fifeshire juvenile.",First british record. 309,Yellow-throated Vireo,Vireo flavifrons,21/09/1990,"Kenidjack Valley, St.Just, Cornwall.",First and only record for Britain and Ireland. A drive through the night for this one arriving whilst still dark. Moved off just as getting light. Would it still be there? Yes!! Celebratory breakfast with my companion Bernard Bond from Cheltenham at a St.Just hotel followed. Did bacon ever taste so good! 310,Red-eyed Vireo,Vireo olivaceus,11/10/1978,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 15.10.1985. St.Martin's, Isles of Scilly 12.10.1989." 311,Golden Oriole,Oriolus oriolus,08/05/1977,"Lakenheath, 8.5.1977.", 312,Jay,Garrulus glandarius,12/03/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.", 313,Magpie,Pica pica,12/03/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.", 314,Chough,Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax,15/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.","South Stack, Anglesey 2.6.2003. Kynance Cove, The Lizard, Cornwall 2.9.2019." 315,Jackdaw,Coloeus monedula,12/03/1974,"Haughmond Hill,Shropshire.", 316,Rook,Corvus frugilegus,15/01/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 317,Carrion Crow,Corvus corone,15/01/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.","Pied Crow - Flamborough, East Yorkshire 26.2.2019 at second attempt." 318,Hooded Crow,Corvus cornix,23/06/1974,"Loch Garten, Invernessshire.","Bixter and Walls, Mainland, Shetland 23.2.2019 plus others on Scottish trips." 319,Raven,Corvus corax,16/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 320,Waxwing,Bombycilla garrulus,24/02/1988,"Broughton Astley, Leicestershire 24.2.1988.","Holkham, Norfolk 10.1.1990. Easington, East Yorkshire 11.11.2004 Venus Pool, Shropshire 30.1.2013 also Monkmoor Shrewsbury and Bowbrook, Shrewsbury, Shropshire." 321,Coal Tit,Periparus ater,02/04/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.", 322,Crested Tit,Lophophanes cristatus,24/06/1975,"Loch Garten, Invernessshire.","Loch Garten, Invernessshire 1.2.1990. Red Squirrel." 323,Marsh Tit,Poecile palustris,05/03/1974,"Ellesmere, Shropshire.", 324,Willow Tit,Poecile montanus,02/04/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.", 325,Blue Tit,Cyanistes caeruleus,15/01/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 326,Great Tit,Parus major,15/01/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 327,Penduline Tit,Remiz pendulinus,17/10/1988,"St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly.", 328,Bearded Tit,Panurus biarmicus,16/04/1975,"Cley, Norfolk.", 329,Woodlark,Lullula arborea,11/05/1975,"Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 17.10.1988. New Forest, Hampshire 28.5.1990. Venus Pool, Shropshire 27.1.2005." 330,Skylark,Alauda arvensis,12/03/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 331,Shore Lark,Eremophila alpestris,27/12/1975,"Walberswick, Suffolk.","American Horned Lark - Staines Reservoir, Middlesex 27.11.2017. Shore Lark - Salthouse, Norfolk 21.11.1989. Titterstone Clee, Shropshire 8.4.2017." 332,Short-toed Lark,Calandrella brachydactyla,,**********,********** 333,Black Lark,Melanocorypha yeltoniensis,02/06/2003,"South Stack, Anglesey male.",Second of only three british records. Major twitch. Nice to catch up with some old friends. 334,Sand Martin,Riparia riparia,14/05/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 335,Tree Swallow,Tachycineta bicolor,07/06/1990,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.",Through the night drive for this one. First record for Britain. Only one since. A one day bird on Shetland.. 336,Swallow,Hirundo rustica,08/04/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 337,Crag Martin,Ptyonoprogne rupestris,10/11/2015,"Chesterfield, Derbyshire first winter.",Tenth British record. 338,House Martin,Delichon urbicum,28/04/1974,"Atcham, Shropshire.","Largest British colony, at the time, on old bridge over River Severn." 339,Red-rumped Swallow,Cecropis daurica,13/11/1990,"Layer de la Haye, Colchester, Essex.","South Landing, Flamborough, East Yorkshire 27.4.2003 self found." 340,Cetti's Warbler,Cettia cetti,17/05/1975,"Stodmarsh, Kent.","Lodmore, Dorset 4.1984 Radipole, Dorset 12.9.1989. Priorslee Lake, Shropshire 24.3.2016. Cley, Norfolk 3.6.2018. Venus Pool, Shropshire 5.11.2019." 341,Long-tailed Tit,Aegithalos caudatus,08/04/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 342,Wood Warbler,Phylloscopus sibilatrix,21/05/1974,"Pontesford Hill, Shropshire.","Whitcliffe, Ludlow 5.6.1975." 343,Western Bonelli's Warbler,Phylloscopus bonelli,03/10/1977,"The Garrison, St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.","Hartlepool Headland, County Durham 18.10.2013. Trevescan, Lands End, Cornwall 1.9.2019." 344,Hume's Warbler,Phylloscopus humei,19/10/2003,"Trimingham, Norfolk.", 345,Yellow-browed Warbler,Phylloscopus inornatus,04/10/1977,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 10.10.1988. Upton Warren, Worcestershire. Shawbirch, Shropshire 2.4.2017. Venus Pool, Shropshire 6.10.2019." 346,Pallas's Warbler,Phylloscopus proregulus,20/10/1985,"Tresco, Isles of Scilly.","Kilnsea, East Yorkshire 14.10.2016." 347,Radde's Warbler,Phylloscopus schwarzi,19/10/1985,Tresco. Isles of Scilly.,"St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly 25.10.1989." 348,Dusky Warbler,Phylloscopus fuscatus,08/11/1990,"Holme, Norfolk.","Kessingland, Suffolk 31.3.2005. Spurn, East Yorkshire 14.10.2016." 349,Willow Warbler,Phylloscopus trochilus,21/05/1974,"Pontesford Hill, Shropshire.", 350,Chiffchaff,Phylloscopus collybita,02/04/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.",Siberian Chiffchaff - Upton on Severn Sewage Works 31.12.2004. 351,Iberian Chiffchaff,Phylloscopus ibericus,23/05/2003,"Kingswear, Devon male in song..Ninth British record. Sound recorded.","Granville Country Park, Shropshire male in song 11.4.2016. Sound recorded." 352,Eastern Crowned Warbler,Phylloscopus coronatus,05/10/2016,"Bempton Cliffs, East Yorkshire first winter.",Fourth British record. 353,Two-barred Warbler,Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus,18/10/2017,"St.Aldhelm's Head, Dorset first winter.",Seventh British record. 354,Greenish Warbler,Phylloscopus trochiloides,21/10/1978,"St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly.", 355,Arctic Warbler,Phylloscopus borealis,13/10/1981,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 356,Great Reed Warbler,Acrocephalus arundinaceus,12/06/1988,"Cley, Norfolk singing male.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly singing male. Willington Gravel Pits singing male 5.6.2005." 357,Aquatic Warbler,Acrocephalus paludicola,,**********,********** 358,Sedge Warbler,Acrocephalus schoenobaenus,15/05/1974,"Old River Bed, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 359,Paddyfield Warbler,Acrocephalus agricola,20/10/2005,"Torness Power Station near Dunbar, East Lothian.", 360,Blyth's Reed Warbler,Acrocephalus dumetorum,15/10/2002,"Filey, East Yorkshire.", 361,Reed Warbler,Acrocephalus scirpaceus,23/04/1974,"Oxwich, Glamorganshire.", 362,Marsh Warbler,Acrocephalus palustris,23/05/1975,"Nafford Weir, Eckington, Worcestershire.","Priorslee Lake, Shropshire 6.6.2015 male singing." 363,Booted Warbler,Iduna caligata,15/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 364,Eastern Olivaceous Warbler,Iduna pallida,23/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 365,Melodious Warbler,Hippolais polyglotta,27/09/1977,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 18.10.1988. Tresco, Isles of Scilly 10.1989." 366,Icterine Warbler,Hippolais icterina,20/09/1977,"Cley, Norfolk.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 10.10.1988." 367,Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler,Helopsaltes certhiola,19/09/2017,"Burnham Overy Staithe, Norfolk.", 368,River Warbler,Locustella fluviatilis,09/07/1989,"Boughton Common, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk.", 369,Savi's Warbler,Locustella luscinioides,17/05/1975,"Stodmarsh, Kent.", 370,Grasshopper Warbler,Locustella naevia,15/05/1974,"Old Riverbed, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.","Rhoscolyn, Anglesey 5.5.1985. Loch of Strathbeg, Aberdeenshire 9.6.2004." 371,Blackcap,Sylvia atricapilla,14/05/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 372,Garden Warbler,Sylvia borin,14/05/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 373,Barred Warbler,Curruca nisoria,04/10/1977,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.","Old Hunstanton, Norfolk 27.9.2002." 374,Lesser Whitethroat,Curruca curruca,14/05/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.","Turkestan Lesser Whiterhroat C.c.halimodendri - Filey, East Yorkshire 16.11.2003." 375,Western Orphean Warbler,Curruca hortensis,15/11/2013,"St.Brides, Marloes, Pembrokeshire first winter.",Third British record. 376,Ruppell's Warbler,Curruca ruppeli,05/10/1990,"Whalsay Island, Shetland male.",Third British record. 377,Sardinian Warbler,Curruca melanocephala,24/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly male.","Old Hunstanton, Norfolk 27.9.2002 male." 378,Western Subalpine Warbler,Curruca iberiae,24/04/1988,"Landguard, Felixstowe, Suffolk male.",Western Identification confirmed from observatory's records. 379,Moltoni's Subalpine Warbler,Curruca subalpina,,**********,********** 380,Eastern Subalpine Warbler,Curruca cantillans,25/04/2021,"Treeve Moor, Land's End, Cornwall male.","False start on this one. Travelled to Gloucester services. Waited two hours. No news so diverted to Tenby, Pembrokeshire with hope of seeing the immature male walrus. After long wait finally saw walrus in bay at 7.45pm to east of lifeboat station. Brilliant! Three days later finally made it to Treeve Moor. Subalpine proved elusive but eventually secured brief views. Three roe deer on road Cressage, Shropshire." 381,Whitethroat,Curruca communis,14/05/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 382,Spectacled Warbler,Curruca conspicillata,03/06/2014,"Burnham Overy Staithe dunes, Norfolk first summer male in song.",Eighth British record. 383,Marmora's Warbler,Curruca sarda,13/06/2010,"Blorenge near Abergavenny, Brecon Beacons first summer male in song.",Sixth British record. 384,Dartford Warbler,Curruca undata,18/05/1975,"New Forest, Hampshire.","Beaulieu, New Forest, Hampshire 28.5.1990. Shooting Box, Longmynd, Shropshire 27.3.2019." 385,Firecrest,Regulus ignicapilla,11/05/1975,"Sizewell, Minsmere, Suffolk.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 10.10.1988. St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly.17.10.1988. Easington, East Yorkshire 10.10.2004. Whitcliffe Wood, Ludlow, Shropshire 16.3.2012. St.Aldhelm's Head, Dorset two 18.10.2017." 386,Goldcrest,Regulus regulus,12/03/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.", 387,Wren,Troglodytes troglodytes,12/03/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.","Shetland Wren - Sumburgh Head, Mainland, Shetland 6.7.1989. Hebridean Wren - Lochmaddy, North Uist, Outer Hebrides 10.9.1990. " 388,Red-breasted Nuthatch,Sitta canadensis,15/10/1989,"Holkham Pines, Norfolk first year male.",First and only British record. Left Scillies and drove through the night with John Wright and one other. Became a long stayer and saw it twice more.Worth it! 389,Nuthatch,Sitta europaea,16/06/1974,"Ellesmere, Shropshire.", 390,Wallcreeper,Tichodroma muraria,10/04/1977,"Hastings, East Sussex.",Travelled through night from Portland Observatory with warden Iain Robertson and two others. Arrived on Hastings beach whilst still dark. Becoming light wallcreeper seen flicking wings like a large butterfly and after just a few minutes left the cliff where it had roosted and flew over the sea heading south towards France. A big cheer went up from the small party of assembled birders. When I asked why the cheer I was told ' because no one else would see it '. Such was my introduction to twitching! I was disappointed as I wanted to watch it for longer. A magical experience and equal best british bird sighting. Still a blocker! 391,Treecreeper,Certhia familiaris,12/03/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.", 392,Short-toed Treecreeper,Certhia brachydactyla,18/11/1990,"Dungeness, Kent.", 393,Grey Catbird,Dumetella carolinensis,17/10/2018,"Treeve Moor, Land's End, Cornwall first winter.",Second British record. Great catchup bird! Heard call. 394,Northern Mockingbird,Mimus polyglottos,31/03/2021,"Exmouth, Devon.",Third British record. Another great catchup bird. On arrival was showing in a palm tree. Great relief that it stayed until lockdown ended. Sort of bird I like. Cooperative! 395,Rose-coloured Starling,Pastor roseus,11/10/1977,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly juvenile.","St.Mary's. Isles of Scilly 13.10.1988 juvenile. Weston,Portland, Dorset adult 4.12.1989. Illogan, Cornwall adult 6.4.1990 . Whitchurch, Shropshire 25.10.2020 juvenile." 396,Starling,Sturnus vulgaris,14/02/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 397,White's Thrush,Zoothera aurea,10/10/2004,"Easington, East Yorkshire.", 398,Grey-cheeked Thrush,Catharus minimus,20/10/1990,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 399,Swainson's Thrush,Catharus ustulatus,20/10/1990,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 400,Hermit Thrush,Catharus guttatus,30/10/2013,"Porthgwarra, Cornwall first winter.",Ninth British record. 401,Ring Ouzel,Turdus torquatus,,**********,********** 402,Blackbird,Turdus merula,14/02/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 403,Eyebrowed Thrush,Turdus obscurus,21/10/1990,"Tresco, Isles of Scilly female or first winter male.", 404,Black-throated Thrush,Turdus atrogularis,23/01/1996,"Webheath, Redditch, Worcestershire first winter male.", 405,Naumann's Thrush,Turdus naumanni,05/02/1990,"Chingford, Essex male.",First of only two British records. 406,Dusky Thrush,Turdus eunomus,05/12/2016,"Beeley, Derbyshire first winter female.",Thirteenth British record. Good catchup as unable to go for Margate bird. 407,Fieldfare,Turdus pilaris,15/11/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 408,Redwing,Turdus iliacus,15/11/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 409,Song Thrush,Turdus philomelos,14/02/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 410,Mistle Thrush,Turdus viscivorus,17/03/1974,"Battlefield, Shropshire.", 411,American Robin,Turdus migratorius,16/12/2003,"Godrevy near Hayle, Cornwall first winter female.",Eighteenth British record. 412,Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin,Cercotrichas galactotes,17/10/2020,"Stiffkey, Norfolk.","Ninth British record of Scrub Robin. This one the rarer eastern form C.g.syriacus/familiaris. Found by our own Shropshire birder John Reeves. Well done John, you did us proud!" 413,Spotted Flycatcher,Muscicapa striata,12/05/1974,"Battlefield, Shropshire.", 414,Robin,Erithacus rubecula,12/03/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 415,Bluethroat,Luscinia svecica,17/05/1975,"Stodmarsh, Kent - Red-spotted form male in song.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 15.10.1978 probable Red-spotted form." 416,Thrush Nightingale,Luscinia luscinia,15/05/1988,"Cley, Norfolk.", 417,Nightingale,Luscinia megarhynchos,31/05/1975,"Ironbridge, Shropshire.", 418,Red-flanked Bluetail,Tarsiger cyanurus,16/11/2002,"Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire female or first winter.", 419,Taiga Flycatcher,Ficedula albicilla,27/04/2003,"Flamborough South Landing, East Yorkshire first summer male.",First British record. 420,Red-breasted Flycatcher,Ficedula parva,27/09/1977,"St.Mary's, Isles of Sclly.","St.Mary's. Isles of Scilly 13.10.1988. St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 15.10.1990." 421,Pied Flycatcher,Ficedula hypoleuca,21/05/1974,"Pontesford Hill, Shropshire.","Blakeney Point, Norfolk 15.5.1988. Bridges, Shropshire male and female 13.4.2019." 422,Black Redstart,Phoenicurus ochruros,11/05/1975,"Sizewell, Minsmere, Suffolk male.","Eastern Black Redstart - Skinningrove, North Yorkshire 1.11.2016 Black Redstart - . St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 18.10.1988. St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 21.10.1990 plus many others there. Titterstone Clee, Shropshire 29.3.2012. " 423,Redstart,Phoenicurus phoenicurus,21/05/1974,"Pontesford Hill, Shropshire male and female.","Blakeney Point, Norfolk 15.5.1988. Venus Pool, Shropshire at least three including self found. Bridges, Shropshire female 13.4.2019." 424,Rock Thrush,Monticola saxatilis,25/03/1983,"Minster, Isle of Thanet, Kent male.",Fourteenth British record. 425,Blue Rock Thrush,Monticola solitarius,28/12/2016,"Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire male.",Seventh British record. 426,Whinchat,Saxicola rubetra,22/05/1974,"Longmynd, Shropshire.", 427,Stonechat,Saxicola rubicola,16/04/1974,"Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.", 428,Siberian Stonechat,Saxicola maurus,14/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly. With Peter Grant, then chairman of British Birds Rarities Committee, near boundary of St.Mary's Golf Course. Found and identified by Peter. No DNA testing in those days!","West Siberian Stonechat first winter male - Ashton's Flash, Northwich, Cheshire 25.1.2020 DNA confirmed." 429,Stejneger's Stonechat,Saxicola stejnegeri,21/10/2018,"Salthouse, Norfolk first winter male.",Fourth British record. DNA confirmed. 430,Wheatear,Oenanthe oenanthe,22/05/1974,"Longmynd, Shropshire.",Greenland Wheatear - Blakeney Point. Norfolk 15.5.1988. 431,Isabelline Wheatear,Oenanthe isabellina,18/10/1990,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 432,Desert Wheatear,Oenanthe deserti,02/11/1989,"Selsey Bill, West Sussex female or first winter.","Burniston, North Yorkshire male 29.11.1989. Titterstone Clee Hill, Shropshire female 4.12.2011." 433,Eastern Black-eared Wheatear,Oenanthe melanoleuca,13/06/2015,"Acres Down, New Forest male.",Fourteenth British record. 434,Pied Wheatear,Oenanthe pleschanka,14/09/1989,"Winterton Downs, Norfolk first winter male.",Sixteenth British record. 435,Dipper,Cinclus cinclus,03/05/1975,"Tan-y-Pistyll, Montgomeryshire.","Black-bellied Dipper - St.Albans, Hertfordshire 30.1.1988." 436,House Sparrow,Passer domesticus,15/01/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 437,Spanish Sparrow,Passer hispaniolensis,24/02/2012,"Calshot, Hampshire male.","Italian Sparrow male - East Meon, Hampshire 20.6.2014. Took some finding but eventually tracked down consorting with local house sparrows." 438,Tree Sparrow,Passer montanus,,**********,********** 439,Alpine Accentor,Prunella collaris,28/05/1990,"The Needles, Alum Bay, Isle of Wight.", 440,Siberian Accentor,Prunella montanella,14/10/2016,"Easington, East Yorkshire first winter.",Second British record. 441,Dunnock,Prunella modularis,12/03/1974,"Sundorne, Shropshire.", 442,Yellow Wagtail,Motacilla flava,28/04/1974,"Atcham, Shropshire.","Blue-headed Wagtail - Cley, Norfolk 30.4.1977 and others. Grey-headed Wagtail - Blakeney Point, Norfolk 15.5.1988. Black-headed Wagtail male - Brightwell cum Sotwell, Oxfordshire 18.6.1988. Sykes Wagtail M.f. beema male - Gringley on the Hill, Nottinghamshire 7.8.1989. Channel Wagtail male - Venus Pool, Shropshire 11.4.2012 and Noneley, Shropshire 29.4.2019. Spanish Wagtail male - Leasowe, Wirral, Cheshire 28.4.2019." 443,Eastern Yellow Wagtail,Motacilla tschutschensis,26/09/2019,"Plas Cemlyn, Cemlyn, Anglesey first winter.",Twelfth British record. Sound recorded. DNA confirmed. 444,Citrine Wagtail,Motacilla citreola,29/09/2002,"Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire first winter.","Pilning Wetland, Gloucestershire female in spring plumage 27.4.2019." 445,Grey Wagtail,Motacilla cinerea,21/05/1974,"Pontesford Hill, Shropshire.", 446,Pied Wagtail,Motacilla alba,12/03/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.","White Wagtail - Cley. Norfolk 16.4.1975 and very many since. Masked Wagtail - Camrose, Pembrokeshire first winter male 9.12.2016. First and only British record." 447,Richard's Pipit,Anthus richardi,27/10/1978,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 12.10.1988 and Somerset." 448,Paddyfield Pipit,Anthus rufulus,02/11/2019,"Sennen, Cornwall.",Sound recorded. DNA confirmed. 449,Blyth's Pipit,Anthus godlewskii,01/01/2003,"Gringley Carr, Nottinghamshire first winter.","Tenth British record. Three previous attempts failed starting with second British record at Skewjack, Cornwall." 450,Tawny Pipit,Anthus campestris,28/09/1977,"St.Mary's Golf Course, Isles of Scilly.","Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire 13.4.2014." 451,Meadow Pipit,Anthus pratensis,12/04/1974,"Longmynd, Shropshire.", 452,Tree Pipit,Anthus trivialis,28/04/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.","Achmore near Loch Carron, Ross and Cromarty 3.7.1985." 453,Olive-backed Pipit,Anthus hodgsoni,23/10/1978,"Tresco, Isles of Scilly. Twelfth British record.","Kergord, Mainland, Shetland two 5.10.1990." 454,Red-throated Pipit,Anthus cervinus,15/05/1988,"Blakeney Point, Norfolk male spring plumage.","St.Mary's Golf Course, Isles of Scilly autumn plumage 19.10.1990." 455,Buff-bellied Pipit,Anthus rubescens,09/10/1988,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly. Third British record.","Sennen, Cornwall 2.11.2019." 456,Water Pipit,Anthus spinoletta,09/02/1977,"Sidlesham Ferry, West Sussex.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 24.10.1990 Whixall Floods, Shropshire 20.2.2016 and 29.2.2016." 457,Rock Pipit,Anthus petrosus,15/07/1974,"Barmouth, Merionethshire.","Scandinavian Rock Pipit A.s.littoralis - Camp Lane Pits, Grimley, Worcestershire 4.4.2021." 458,Chaffinch,Fringilla coelebs,12/03/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.", 459,Brambling,Fringilla montifringilla,28/11/1974,"Near Talacre, Flintshire.", 460,Hawfinch,Coccothraustes coccothraustes,11/05/1975,"Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk ","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly small flock of eight 13.10.1988. Lynford Arboretum, Norfolk 10.1.1990. Fitz churchyard, Shropshire 28.12.2017." 461,Bullfinch,Pyrrhula pyrrhula,15/06/1974,"Sundorne, Shropshire.", 462,Trumpeter Finch,Bucanetes githagineus,21/05/2005,"Landguard, Suffolk first summer male.",Eighth British record. 463,Common Rosefinch,Carpodacus erythrinus,18/10/1978,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.","Pallas's Rosefinch - North Ronaldsay, Orkney 6.6.1988 not accepted as a vagrant sadly. Common Rosefinch - St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 9.10.1988. Salthouse, Norfolk in song [ not seen ] 3.6.2018." 464,Greenfinch,Chloris chloris,14/02/1974,"Uffington, Shropshire.", 465,Twite,Linaria flavirostris,25/06/1975,"Loch Duntelchaig, Invernessshire.","Aldbrough, East Yorkshire 15.10.2016." 466,Linnet,Linaria cannabina,14/05/1974,"Haughmond Hill, Shropshire.", 467,Common (Mealy) Redpoll,Acanthis flammea,18/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly self found.",Greenland Redpoll - St.Mary's. Isles of Scilly 16.10.1985. 468,Lesser Redpoll,Acanthis cabaret,24/06/1975,Kinross.Kinrossshire., 469,Arctic Redpoll,Acanthis hornemanni,19/02/1989,"Thorpe End near Norwich, Norfolk.",Coues. 470,Parrot Crossbill,Loxia pytyopsittacus,06/04/1985,"Wells, Norfolk.", 471,Scottish Crossbill,Loxia scotica,28/06/1975,"Rothiemurchus, Invernessshire.", 472,Common Crossbill,Loxia curvirostra,03/05/1975,"Tan-y-Pistyll, Montgomeryshire.", 473,Two-barred Crossbill,Loxia leucoptera,01/10/1990,"Sandringham Warren, Norfolk male.","Near Button Oak, Wyre Forest, Shropshire two males and one female 2.12.2013." 474,Goldfinch,Carduelis carduelis,12/03/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 475,Serin,Serinus serinus,24/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.", 476,Siskin,Spinus spinus,10/11/1974,"Cound Stank, Shropshire.", 477,Lapland Bunting,Calcarius lapponicus,03/10/1977,"St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly.","St. Mary's. Isles of Scilly 20.10.1985. Longmynd, Shropshire 14.9.2019." 478,Snow Bunting,Plectrophenax nivalis,28/11/1974,"Point of Ayr, Flintshire.", 479,Corn Bunting,Emberiza calandra,05/06/1975,"Crudgington, Shropshire.", 480,Yellowhammer,Emberiza citrinella,12/03/1974,"Sundorne, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 481,Pine Bunting,Emberiza leucocephalos,25/02/1990,"Big Waters Nature Reserve, Wideopen, Northumberland female. Nineteenth British record.","Venus Pool, Shropshire female 4.1.2017." 482,Ortolan Bunting,Emberiza hortulana,30/09/1976,"Portland, Dorset.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 18.10.1988. St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly 14.10.1990." 483,Cretzschmar's Bunting,Emberiza caesia,15/06/2015,"Bardsey Island, Caernarvonshire male.",Sixth British record. Chartered fishing boat from Abersoch as local ferry fully booked. Seen in lighthouse compound. 484,Cirl Bunting,Emberiza cirlus,19/05/1975,"Southampton Common, Hampshire.","Wembury, Devon 11.4.1990. Prawle Point, Devon 29.6.2010." 485,Little Bunting,Emberiza pusilla,18/04/1976,"Sandbach, Cheshire.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 20.10.1990." 486,Rustic Bunting,Emberiza rustica,11/10/1977,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly immature male.","Tresco, Isles of Scilly 22.10.1990." 487,Black-headed Bunting,Emberiza melanocephala,05/06/1988,"Irvine, Ayrshire male.","Red-headed Bunting male - Monreith, Galloway 9.6.2004." 488,Reed Bunting,Emberiza schoeniclus,10/02/1974,"Old Riverbed, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.", 489,Dark-eyed Junco,Junco hyemalis,04/12/1989,"Weston, Portland, Dorset male. Sixteenth British record.","Hawkhill Inclosure, New Forest, Beaulieu first winter male 24.2.2012." 490,White-throated Sparrow,Zonotrichia albicollis,22/10/2012,"Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire.", 491,Savannah Sparrow,Passerculus sandwichensis,12/04/1982,"Near observatory Portland, Dorset.",First British record. 492,Bobolink,Dolichonyx oryzivorus,12/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly. Female or immature.",Tenth British record. 493,Baltimore Oriole,Icterus galbula,08/10/1988,"St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly. First winter male.",Sixteenth British record. 494,Northern Waterthrush,Parkesia noveboracensis,30/08/1989,"St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly.",Fifth British record. 495,Golden-winged Warbler,Vermivora chrysoptera,11/02/1989,"Larkfield, Maidstone, Kent male.",First and only British record. Major twitch. Setting housing estate. Once seen glad to get out of madness. 496,Common Yellowthroat,Geothlypis trichas,17/02/2012,"Rhiwderin near Newport, Monmouthshire first winter male.",Tenth British record. 497,Northern Parula,Setophaga americana,14/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly male.",Eighth British record. 498,Yellow Warbler,Setophaga aestiva,06/10/2004,"Brevig, Isle of Barra, Outer Hebrides first winter.",Fourth British record. 499,Blackpoll Warbler,Setophaga striata,06/10/1990,"Sumburgh, Mainland, Shetland.","St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly 24.10.1990" 500,Yellow-rumped Warbler,Setophaga coronata,12/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.",Myrtle Warbler. 501,Rose-breasted Grosbeak,Pheucticus ludovicianus,12/10/1985,"St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly.","Indigo Bunting - Wells next the Sea, Norfolk 23.10.1988. No longer considered a vagrant and sadly not countable. House Finch [ yellow form ] East Prawle, Devon 29.6.2010. Found at Land's End, Cornwall and moved to Prawle, Devon. Missed acceptance on casting vote of chairman BBRC. "