Sean Geeney: Ireland Year List 2020 IRBC, All records Record(s) 1 to 84 of 84 total. Seq. Species Scientific Name Date Location Comments 1 Brent Goose Branta bernicla 13/09/2020 Seabank 2 Mute Swan Cygnus olor 04/08/2020 St Stephen's Green Pond 3 Mallard Anas platyrhynchos 4 Red-breasted Merganser Mergus serrator Beach behind House 5 Pheasant Phasianus colchicus 6 Little Grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis 7 Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus 05/09/2020 Salterstown through a scope A birder, Frank Meegan (?), showed me it quite far out 8 Grey Heron Ardea cinerea Newry Canal 9 Little Egret Egretta garzetta 10 Gannet Morus bassanus 02/08/2020 Salterstown Pier Saw 10 - 20 diving for fish about a mile out 11 Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo 08/07/2020 Flying overhead near Glyde 12 Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus 08/08/2020 Fields behind house Swopped up over a tree and flew 50 yards to an ivy covered tree. Couldn't spot him again but got an ID pic 13 Buzzard Buteo buteo 14 Moorhen Gallinula chloropus 08/07/2020 A few on the river 15 Coot Fulica atra 03/08/2020 St Stephen's Green Pond 16 Oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus 17 Lapwing Vanellus vanellus 11/08/2020 Lurgangreen Saw about 20, including one being chased by a peregrine. It escaped :) 18 Grey Plover Pluvialis squatarola 20/08/2020 Seabank 1000+ Knots with a few Grey Plover Initially wrongly ID'd as Golden Plover 19 Ringed Plover Charadrius hiaticula 20 Little Ringed Plover Charadrius dubius 27/07/2020 Seabank Was shown it by Brian O'Neill 21 Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa 08/08/2020 Lynns Beach 22 Bar-tailed Godwit Limosa lapponica 09/07/2020 Lynns Beach Winter plummage - quite far out 23 Eurasian Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus 16/08/2020 Seabank Caught my eye as looked thinner and more upright than a curlew with a shorter beak. A bit like a mistle thrush versus a song thrush for me 24 Redshank Tringa totanus Seabank- 3/4 25 Greenshank Tringa nebularia 27/07/2020 Seabank Was shown it by Brian O'Neill. Saw 2 26 Common Sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos 17/07/2020 Annagassan Harbour Saw 2 zooming above Glyde Estuary and perched on the harbour wall 27 Turnstone Arenaria interpres 25/07/2020 Seabank Saw around 10 28 Knot Calidris canutus 09/07/2020 Lynns Beach Approx 5 Seen 29 Dunlin Calidris alpina 09/07/2020 Lynns Beach Approx 15 Seen 30 Black-headed Gull Chroicocephalus ridibundus 31 Common Gull Larus canus 20/08/2020 Seabank 32 Great Black-backed Gull Larus marinus 33 Herring Gull Larus argentatus 34 Sandwich Tern Sterna sandvicensis 23/07/2020 Dunany Point 3-6 including juveniles 35 Little Tern Sternula albifrons 13/07/2020 Louth Nature Reserve Little Tern Colony Baltray 36 Common Tern Sterna hirundo 06/09/2020 Lynns Beach Saw 2/3 with sandwich terns 37 Razorbill Alca torda 05/09/2020 Salterstown Maybe 50 all along Salterstown front 38 Woodpigeon Columba palumbus 39 Collared Dove Streptopelia decaocto 40 Swift Apus apus 12/07/2020 Lynns 9 flew overhead of the garden heading south 41 Kestrel Falco tinnunculus 13/07/2020 Lynns A beautiful juvenile perched on a neighbours concrete pillar 42 Peregrine Falco peregrinus 26/07/2020 Field behind Family Home Saw 2 flying overhead being mobbed by smaller birds 43 Magpie Pica pica 44 Chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax 24/09/2020 Cunnigar Spit, Waterford Saw 5 . Photos taken 45 Jackdaw Corvus monedula 46 Rook Corvus frugilegus 47 Hooded Crow Corvus cornix 48 Raven Corvus corax 18/07/2020 Townley Hall Woods, Collon Heard it first and then tracked it down a bit and finally just saw fly out of a huge oak tree 49 Coal Tit Periparus ater Garden Peanut Feeder 50 Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus 08/07/2020 By Glyde Lots of Juveniles- No Adult Spotted 51 Great Tit Parus major 08/07/2020 52 Swallow Hirundo rustica 53 House Martin Delichon urbicum 54 Long-tailed Tit Aegithalos caudatus 16/09/2020 Glyde River Banks 3/4 - very flighty 55 Willow Warbler Phylloscopus trochilus 56 Chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita 08/08/2020 Banks of Glyde in a tree Not fully confirmed as difficult to distinguish and picture is a little blurry. However , legs do look black 57 Sedge Warbler Acrocephalus schoenobaenus 08/07/2020 Banks of Glyde in a tree I overlooked it but then I had asked in a forum for a pic 58 Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla 08/08/2020 Glyde - Opposite Water Treatment Plant Spotted a female in a berry tree 59 Whitethroat Sylvia communis 11/07/2020 Dunany Point 2 or 3 singing loudly 60 Goldcrest Regulus regulus 24/09/2020 Comeragh Mountains 61 Wren Troglodytes troglodytes 62 Treecreeper Certhia familiaris 08/07/2020 Banks of Glyde in a tree 63 Starling Sturnus vulgaris 64 Blackbird Turdus merula 65 Song Thrush Turdus philomelos 66 Mistle Thrush Turdus viscivorus 11/07/2020 Castlebellingham back fields Not certain as quite far away. I have pics and some signs as it's perched high and standing straigher up 67 Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata 07/09/2020 Seabank 1st of the year . Looked like a juvenile. Hunting from a perch 68 Robin Erithacus rubecula 69 Stonechat Saxicola torquatus 05/07/2020 Dunany Beach Singing loudly. Very bold. Walked within 3 metres 70 Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe 25/07/2020 Seabank Saw an Adult and a Juvenile 71 House Sparrow Passer domesticus 72 Tree Sparrow Passer montanus 73 Dunnock Prunella modularis 10/07/2020 In lane opposite house drinking from a puddle 74 Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea 08/07/2020 Glyde - Opposite Water Treatment Plant Very bold and walking around 75 Pied Wagtail Motacilla alba 76 Meadow Pipit Anthus pratensis 77 Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs 78 Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula 79 Greenfinch Chloris chloris 80 Linnet Carduelis cannabina 81 Lesser Redpoll Acanthis cabaret 15/07/2020 Girley Bog, Kells Spotted on the top of a birch tree 82 Goldfinch Carduelis carduelis 83 Yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella 84 Reed Bunting Emberiza schoeniclus