It is now possible to download lists from BUBO Listing for your own records. Downloads can be done in text (tab-delimited or comma-separated) or spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) format.

You will see the following download icons when you view a list in detail: just click on one and either open the file directly or choose a folder on your computer to save the downloaded file.

Download list as tab-delimited text fileDownload list as comma-separated text fileDownload list as spreadsheet

You can download either the list itself, or the target species for the list.

This isn't just restricted to your own lists: you can view someone else's list and download that. This is great for doing some analysis, e.g. what has Fred Bloggs seen in Norfolk this year that I haven't seen?

If you are downloading your own list then it is recommended that you do it from within My Lists - this way the details of sensitive records will be included. If you download your own list from the publicly viewable View All Lists option the sensitive species will be suppressed.