An Egyptian Vulture was found in central Norfolk on 28th April, seen in a field by just one lucky observer before it departed north. It was rediscovered in North Norfolk the following day, seen near Wells then, soon after, to the south nearer Fakenham. At the time of writing (30th) it has not yet been rediscovered but if it can be "pinned down" it is sure to prove a popular bird. Egyptian Vulture is on the BOU British List in category B only on the strength of some 19th century records. Whether this bird was a wild or escaped individual is clearly open to question. If any BUBO listers are lucky enough to come across this bird, then it is possible to add it to your BUBO Lists, should your conscience allow. (You can always take it off again if it is later rejected!)

Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus)